What Prada Products Are Discountinued? (21 Examples)

Prada is continuously releasing new designs and reviving old ones, so some products are discontinued. Discontinued products are either seasonal ones or do not get enough hype.

Here are some Prada products that are discontinued:

1. Tessuto Nylon and Saffiano Leather Tote Bag

This Prada tote bag has a classic look with a body made of Tessuto nylon and Saffiano leather detailing. This bag is roomy enough to fit all your essentials, and it is great as a casual everyday tote.

This bag is lightweight yet durable. It has gold-tone hardware that looks glamorous and adds contrast to the black. It has two drop handles and a detachable shoulder strap so that you can carry it in a few ways.

It also has gold-toned feet, so you can set it down without getting dirty.

This bag came out in 2018 and has been discontinued on the Prada website. However, you can find other Prada totes that slightly resemble this, made of different materials.

2. Vitello Daino Leather Satchel Bag

This Prada satchel bag is perfect for everyday wear as it can carry your daily essentials and much more with its roomy interiors.

This bag is made of leather with the Prada logo beautifully embossed on the front. It also has a small Prada triangle logo on the side. It has a round top handle for easy carrying and gold-toned accents for a subtle touch of elegance.

This bag first came out in 2019 and is no longer available on the Prada website.

3. Candy Gloss Eau De Parfum

Prada Candy Gloss is a fragrance by Prada for women. It was created by Daniela Andrier, who is a German perfumer.

This fragrance has a floral and fruity smell. Its top notes are sour Cherry and cassis, with peach, rose, and orange blossom for the middle notes.

Finally, the base notes are almond, vanilla, heliotrope, benzoin, and musk.

The Prada Candy Gloss came out in Spring 2017 as the fifth fragrance in the gourmand collection called Prada Candy, and it has been discontinued.

4. L’eau Ambree Eau De Parfum

This fragrance is another creation by Daniela Andrier and part of Prada’s Amber collection. It has an oriental and woody smell – perfect for the modern woman.

It has a light scent that you can wear every day. Its top notes include citruses, Amalfi lemon, and rose de Mai, centered around amber, with patchouli, vanilla, and opoponax for the base notes.

This was launched in 2009 and has been discontinued as it is no longer available on the website.

5. Luna Rossa Extreme Eau De Toilette

The Luna Rossa Extreme EDT is a part of Prada’s Luna Rossa fragrances collection for men.

This fragrance was created by Daniela Andrier. This fragrance has a fresh spicy smell with amber for its base notes. It also has notes of silky smooth pepper, juniper, lavender, bergamot, and vanilla.

The Luna Rossa Extreme EDT was released in 2013 and is no longer available on the Prada website, but you can still buy the other Luna Rossa fragrances at Prada.

6. Perforated Nevada Men’s Sneakers

These Prada sneakers are made of leather with a perforated design that gives them a unique look.

It has a round cap toe and the signature Prada triangle logo tag on the tongue. It has a leather lining and a rubber sole.

These sneakers were released in the late 2000s, and it has been discontinued by Prada shortly after. However, you can now find many sneaker options on the Prada website.

7. Printed Plex Stampato Tote Bag

This Prada tote bag is made of transparent vinyl with leather straps.

It is also decorated with gold-toned hardware on the opening of the bag and leather accents.

This bag has a unique look because of its whimsical and colorful prints. It comes with two rounded top handles and a detachable shoulder strap so that you can carry it in a few ways.

This bag also comes with a removal zipper pouch for extra storage and gold-toned feet to set it down without getting it dirty.

8. Woven Wedge Sandals

These Prada sandals are made of patent leather and have 3-inch wedge heels decorated with straw for some texture.

It comes in black and has a simple look that makes it great for casual everyday wear. Its heels have a gradual slope, so they are quite comfortable to wear.

9. Sombrero Print Tote Bag

This Prada tote bag comes in a cute and fun sombrero print that will draw the eyes.

It is made of high-quality canvas that is very durable. It may be smaller than other Prada tote bags, but it still has enough room to carry your daily essentials.

Its top handles and detachable shoulder strap are also made of canvas. It has gold-tone hardware for accent and feet, so you can set it down without the risk of it getting dirty.

10. Monolith Re-Nylon Boots

As one of the firsts in the Monolith line, these Prada boots have that iconic signature look that one would easily recognize on the streets.

It comes in black with the Prada triangle logo on the side.

It has chunky rubber soles that look unique and timeless. It has slightly pointed toes for a more feminine look. The design of these boots reinterprets the biker’s look perfectly with Re-Nylon as its primary material.

These boots have been discontinued, but you can find other boots that are part of the Monolith line on Prada’s website.

11. Moccasin Loafers

These Prada loafers have a sophisticated look that is also classy and timeless.

These shoes are made of patent leather stitched together to their silhouette, perfect for everyday wear. These loafers have a tiny logo on the top with a bow for a final touch.

These Moccasin loafers are no longer available on the Prada website, but you can find other styles of loafers that are still being manufactured and sold.

12. Bowling Leather Shoulder Bag

As part of the seasonal Resort 2020 collection, the Prada Bowling leather shoulder bag is a perfect combination of retro and modern chicks.

It is made from black calf leather featuring white accents and silver-toned hardware. It has logo lettering on the front for subtle branding. Its lining is made of satin, and it has an internal slot pocket.

It also has an adjustable shoulder strap, which can be worn as a cross-body bag.

13. Re-Nylon Embellished Bucket Hat

This Prada bucket hat is great for day-to-night wear.

It is made from Re-Nylon, derived from recycled and purified plastic from the ocean.

It is embroidered along the brim with crystal glass beads that add a lot of sparkle and shine. It also has the Prada triangle logo for branding.

While this particular bucket hat is no longer available on the Prada website, you can find numerous bucket hats made from different materials that come in various colors and prints.

14. Nylon Midi Dress

This Prada dress perfectly embodies the brand’s wearable and practical aesthetic, as you can easily wear it daily to night by simply switching up your accessories. This dress has a sweater-style upper, a half-zipped front, and a full pleated skirt with midi length.

While this exact dress has been discontinued, you can find a similar-looking one on the website minus the front zipper on the upper part of the dress.

15. Prada Saffiano Leather Slides

These leather slides from Prada’s patented Saffiano leather make for the perfect summer footwear.

They are also very versatile as they can be worn with anything and go from casual to semi-formal. These slides have a dainty and feminine style with the Prada triangle logo at the top.

The insole and soles are made from leather as well.

These Saffiano leather slides are no longer available at Prada, but you can find other styles of slides on the website.

16. Logo Peplum Top

At one point, peplum tops and dresses were all the rage in fashion. And this Prada Logo Peplum Top is no different.

This top is made from a technical fabric which is called polyamide. It comes in an empire-waisted peplum shape, and it has a scooped neckline with the Prada triangle logo below it.

It has a zipper enclosure at the back, and the waist can be adjusted with drawstrings.

17. Brown Alligator Embossed Silver Hoop Bag

Launched in the Spring Summer 2003 collection, this Prada bag is the brand’s futuristic reinterpretation of the classic purse.

Its main feature is the D-shaped hoop in place of a handle where two twin pouches are attached. The hoop is engraved with the Prada lettering logo.

The purses are alligator-embossed and come in rich brown color.

This bag was great for a collector’s time, but it was not as versatile as other Prada bags, so it was discontinued shortly after it was launched.

18. Python Lambskin Clutch

This Prada clutch is great for going out at night or for formal events.

It comes in a soft purple lambskin featuring a pink python clasp detail. It has a silk lining with an inner slot pocket.

This clutch has been discontinued, and while clutches are a rare sighting on the Prada website and stores, you can find many small bag options.

19. Tessuto Nylon Gaufre Tote Bag

This tote bag from Prada is made from gathered nylon with gold-toned hardware and accents.

It has two leather handles and a detachable leather shoulder strap so that you can carry it in different ways. This bag has a magnetic closure and laces on either side so you can cinch it at the opening.

It is important to note that almost all Prada bag designs made from Tessuto nylon have been discontinued and are no longer available on the website.

Currently, most of the nylon Prada bags sold are made from Re-Nylon.

20. Metallic Leather Ruffle Hobo

This hobo bag from Prada was all the rage when it was first released.

This design was very fashionable back then. However, this bag became out of style as more structured, modern, and minimalist silhouettes became popular.

This bag comes in metallic shades and is made from leather. It features ruffle detailing on both the front and bag. It has a single handle that comes with a tag. It also has a roomy interior lined with nylon.

21. L’Homme Intense

This fragrance by Prada is designed by Daniela Andrier, and it has a light woody scent for me.

It has an iris for its top notes, centered with amber and patchouli. Its base notes are leather, sandalwood, and Tonka bean. This fragrance gives a pleasant “multi-layered” experience.

It was released in 2016 and was eventually discontinued, although it was one of Prada’s best-selling fragrances for men.

Some Currently Available Products to Consider:

  • Prada Amber Pour Homme Femme Eau De Parfum
  • Prada Candy Kiss Eau De Parfum
  • Prada Infusion d’Iris Eau De Parfum
  • Prada Luna Rossa Black
  • Prada Luna Rossa Carbon Eau De Toilette
  • Prada Luna Rossa Sport Eau De Toilette

Apart from this list, more Prada products have been discontinued.

Even though these products are discontinued, you may still be able to find them on online platforms for resellers and second-hand shops.

If you buy from these sellers, authenticate the product first to avoid paying a lot for a knockoff.


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