Is Prada For Young People – Or Older Ladies? (Explained)

Fashion should be fluid and flexible regarding who can wear what.

However, your age has a lot to do with how brands choose to design. More specifically, brands want to bring in customers who will spend money on their clothing and tell their friends.

This is a great way for brands to boost visibility while staying true to their signature look. Also, everyone’s personal fashion sense tends to change the older they get, making it a world constantly in motion.

Here are Prada’s Popular Customer Demographics:

While Prada can be worn by just about anyone, Prada tends to appeal to the younger generation. Prada specifically designs clothing for people between the ages of 18-35. Most luxury brands have a specific demographic in mind when designing clothing, with the biggest factor being age. 

Who is the Target Customer for Prada Products?

For a luxury brand like Prada to succeed, it must first have a pretty clear and concise marking strategy. While some consumers might see this as being “exclusive” to others, it is simply a way for them to find the right marketing to reach their target audience. 

Prada tries to market their products to the younger generation. They do so by keeping clean and sophisticated lines while adding a bit of edge, which appeals to a younger audience.

There are two reasons why a luxury giant brand like Prada would choose to market to a younger generation:

Setting Trends:

First, the younger generation sets the trends and determines what will be popular in the upcoming seasons.

By listening to what the younger buyers like, Prada can stay on top of these trends and make its brand more desirable.

Free Advertising:

Next, the younger generation is one of the best ways to get free advertising.

This is because most of them post pictures, share stories and live every moment of their life through social media. This is basically like a walking billboard for Prada.

Remember that the target customer does not mean that the clothing isn’t for everyone.

No rule says that women over 35 can’t wear Prada. Prada has always been inclusive with its marketing, which helps all generations relate to Prada’s specific sense of style.

Do Older Generations Generally wear Prada?

When wondering what generation Wears Prada the most, an important thing to note is that Prada is considered to be a “modern” luxury brand.

Even though Prada was first born back in 1913, they are consistently changing its image to appeal to younger generations. This is another reason why Prada is not considered a classic-style brand.

Since Prada is considered young and modern, many older ladies don’t buy this brand. Old generations prefer luxury brands that have a more classic and timeless style, like Chanel. 

Our personal style tends to change to older we get. People often look for more modest clothing and like to tone it down to avoid being too flashy as they age.

Yet plenty of older women still want to keep their fingers on the pulse regarding fashion and do not shy away from modern brands like Prada, which are often done more modestly.

Instead of wearing head-to-toe Prada, older ladies like to pair some of their signature pieces with clothing that is considered to be more age-appropriate. For example, pairing a classic Prada nylon bag with a glamorous power suit will make an older lady look strong and successful and give a nod to the style younger girls prefer.

It should also be noted that some older women shy away from Prada specifically because of how the clothes are marketed. Prada has famously said they don’t like using older models for their shows.

This kind of exclusive thinking has led many older ladies to spend their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Do Gen-Z Shoppers Buy Prada Products?

If you really want to know what kind of fashion is “in style” or fashionable for the moment, you should always check out what Gen-Z buyers are doing. Generation Z classifies anyone between the ages of 19-38 and continues to be the best in spotting hot fashion.

It is no coincidence that Gen-Z falls in the exact age range that Prada markets towards. This is really smart thinking for a luxury brand like Prada.

Most recently, Prada has been labeled as the best high-end brand for the younger generation. Not only does Gen-Z buy Prada, but they have also helped to revive the brand by breathing new life into their name.

If you follow luxury brands and like to see how they change over the years will know that Prada recently went through a bit of a sales slump. Prada was such a hot brand back in the 9os because they were really able to tap into that post-punk generation by leaning into the alternative style.

At the turn of the century, people were trading in their black clothing for a brighter and lighter style which did not align with Prada’s aesthetic. This led to Prada falling off a bit in popularity as younger brands like Marc Jacobs jumped to the top of the list for luxury clothing.

However, once Gen-Z started coming into their own, they brought Prada back to the forefront of fashion. It came from a place of nostalgia and longing to return to that alternative style that Prada was once well known for. 

Can Young People Afford Prada?

While Prada is fashionable and cool, it is also crazy expensive.

From shoes to clothing, buying anything from Prada will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, while the younger generation is more likely to buy Prada, can they afford it?

Most Gen-Z buyers can’t afford to purchase Prada products. However, that hasn’t stopped them from trying.

The younger generation looks at luxury brands and fashion as lifelong investments. While many other people their age are investing in software companies and cryptocurrency, buying luxury fashion is really where it is.

Buying luxury labels is one of the best ways to ensure you will eventually get your money back. Like art, high-end brands are still desirable and sought after even after years have passed. 

Another reason younger people buy Prada is that the younger generation does not have the same goals as the older ones. More specifically, young people are not buying big houses or fancy cars like older generations.

Life plans like starting a young family are not this generation’s goal.

Instead of spending money toward the future, they prefer to enjoy the money they make now by spending it on things that can be considered to be extravagant, like luxury fashion.

Who Can Afford Prada Products?

Even though the younger generation can’t really afford luxury brands like Prada, that hasn’t stopped them from buying them. This begs the question, who can afford to buy high-end clothing like Prada?

The biggest demographic of people who can afford Prada is those with a disposable income. While there has been a lot of talk about what age group wears and buys Prada, anyone, no matter their age, can have this kind of income.

A disposable income doesn’t mean that you are rich, but rather that you have enough income to cover all of your everyday expenses with enough money left to spend on extravagant things like luxury clothing and purses. 

Older generations who buy Prada tend to be those who have worked hard most of their life and saved money to buy clothing like Prada. However, the younger generation is much more casual with how they spend their money.

Instead of saving for the purchase, it is much more spontaneous.

Most likely, people who make a lot of money or who have some notoriety – like celebrities – can afford to buy Prada products. While it may not always be the case, people who can afford luxury products are often viewed as successful or powerful. 

Wrapping It Up

You should never let something like your age hold you back from expressing yourself through fashion.

Whether you want to wear Prada at the ripe age of 20 or want to rock a killer pair of Prada leather combat boots at 80, it is absolutely your right to do so.

We must remember that while luxury brands often pave the way for new trends, the consumer controls the market.

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