Do Prada Products Ever Go On Sale? (10 Ways To Save Money)

Prada’s products come with a hefty price tag as one of the world’s leading luxury designer brands, but even though its products are quite expensive, Prada is still one of the most coveted brands in luxury fashion.

Here is How Often Prada Products Go on Sale:

While Prada does not have sales or promotions very often, the products still go on sale occasionally. Prada usually puts its seasonal products on sale when a new season is about to start. Discounts can be from 20% to 30%, which is not much, but it is still significant savings.

Does Prada Go On Sale?

As one of the most coveted luxury designer brands, Prada has created an impression that it is exclusive and that the products are limited.

Some people have that general idea about Prada because its products, especially bags, shoes, and other leather goods, are expensive. Many people even think that Prada does not ever go on sale to maintain that exclusivity.

Sales and promotions may not happen that often at Prada, but they still go on sale.

Sales at Prada happen when a season is about to send to make way for a new one. During these sales, seasonal items and colors can be purchased at lower prices.

Discounts can go up to 30%, which may not be much, but it is still a significant amount, considering how expensive Prada products can be.

Where Does Prada Have Sales?

Prada has seasonal sales at its stores and boutiques. Prada products are priced up to 30% less during these sales.

Prada products also go on sale in department stores. Several department stores, like Nordstrom, Saks, and Bergdorf Goodman, have sales more often than Prada-owned stores.

Going to these department stores during a sale might help you score a great deal on Prada products, even if the brand does not have an ongoing sale.

You can also go to a Prada outlet store for even bigger discounts. Outlet stores are stores where brands, like Prada, sell their items directly to the public.

Most of the products sold at outlet stores are lower quality because they did not pass the quality check. It means that these products are flawed.

However, the flaws are minor, and you would not notice them that much unless you look at the product closely. It could be inconsistent stitching or a small scratch on the hardware. More importantly, the flaws do not affect the functionality of the product.

Furthermore, seasonal products not sold during Prada sales also make it to outlet stores where the discounts are bigger.

So if you ask any savvy shopper, they would recommend going to a Prada outlet store if you want to save a lot of money on Prada products.

You can get Prada products for 75% to 90% off if you buy them at an outlet store.

Does Prada Have Discounts?

Prada is one of the most coveted and sought-after brands in the luxury designer world.

Even with the high prices, the products, especially the handbags and shoes, are still in high demand. Because of this, Prada does not have discounts.

The CEO of Prada itself said in 2019 that they would stop doing markdowns to strengthen the brand’s image and maintain higher margins.

However, there are a couple of tips experienced shoppers would give when it comes to discounts at Prada or any other luxury designer brand:

  • Be friendly with the sales associates. Prada sales associates get commissions on their sales, so if you get friendly enough with them, you may be able to ask them for a small discount.
  • Ask when the next sale is. Most luxury designer brands have a pre-sale period the week before a seasonal sale. So you can ask when the next sale is, and if it is happening soon, you can ask the sales associate if you can get the sale price now.

Does Prada Ever Give Out Coupons?

Prada does not give out coupons.

However, if you want first-hand information on any upcoming Prada sales and promos, the best thing to do is to sign up for their newsletter when prompted at the website.

By signing up for the newsletter, they will notify you about the next Prada sale and event so that you can get great deals on its products.

You can also follow Prada on social media to stay updated on any promotions that it may have.

What Online Sales Does Prada Have?

If in-store sales only happen occasionally at Prada, they are even rarer at the website.

Prada does not have online sales.

The brand’s seasonal sales only happen at stores, boutiques, and outlet stores. They do not happen online.

The only way to get awesome deals on Prada products online is through third-party retailers.

Does Prada Lower Prices For Black Friday?

Black Friday is the informal term for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It also marks the start of Christmas shopping for Americans.

During this time of the year, most stores and brands offer big discounts on their items. Many stores even open early and close late to maximize sales.

Even though most brands go on sale for Black Friday, it rarely happens with luxury designer brands, including Prada.

Prada does not lower prices for Black Friday, both online and in-store.

However, you may be able to get big discounts on Prada products by shopping at participating department stores where these products are being sold.

Since Prada tends to seem exclusive, its products rarely go on sale. So if you want to buy Prada products for lower prices, you must be creative by checking out outlet stores, department stores, and other third-party retailers.

10 Ways to Save Money on Prada Products:

1) Sign Up for the Newsletter

You would definitely want to receive newsletters from Prada.

While it is rare that Prada goes on sale, they still do, and they usually announce it first thing in their newsletters.

So if you want to be one the first to know about any promotions, in-store sales, and events, sign up for their newsletter when you visit the website.

2) Follow Prada on Social Media

Besides signing up for the newsletter on the website, following Prada’s social media accounts is another way to keep yourself updated about any ongoing or upcoming promos, events, or sales.

Prada has pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and following them could mean that you would never miss any news on promotions and sales again.

3) Follow Prada-Related Forums and Blogs Online

Another way to stay updated on Prada promotions and sales announcements is by following forums and blogs about the brand. Prada fans and bag collectors run these sites.

You can find these forums by searching “Prada blogs: or “Prada forums” on Google, and you will get many results. Check each result to only follow reputable ones like Passion for Prada and the Purse Blog.

These blogs usually share any ongoing sales or promotions so that you can score awesome deals.

4) Shop at Prada Outlet Stores

Prada does not go on sale in their boutiques, but here’s a little tip: there are Prada outlet stores where you can usually buy products at a lesser price.

An outlet store is a store where brands or manufacturers sell items directly to the public. In some outlet stores, brands sell items that did not pass the quality check for minor flaws that you would not even notice – and these are great ways to get designer products at very low prices.

When shopping at a Prada outlet store, the products are priced at 30% to 60% of their original retail price. This is a huge discount!

If you plan on going to an outlet store, make sure to be there early, especially on weekends, because it can get quite crowded because savvy shoppers know that these are places to get designer items for more affordable prices.

Sometimes, there are even long queues before entering the store. So if you can go on a weekday, it would be better because you would then be able to avoid the crowds and the long queues.

5) Shop at Department Stores that Sell Prada and Use your Store Perks

Apart from Prada boutiques and outlet stores, you can also buy Prada products in department stores.

Several department stores carry Prada items. Some examples include Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom.

Some of these stores have membership cards that let you earn points whenever you make a purchase, and once you have earned enough points, you can use them as cash, so you end up paying less for a Prada item.

Plus, these department stores often have exclusive promotions, in-store sales, or coupons that let you score items at a lower price so you can save a lot of money on your Prada purchase.

6) Use your Rewards Credit Card

Some credit cards offer rewards for points or cash backs, especially when you shop for luxury designer items.

One example is the Chase Freedom and Chase Freedom Unlimited credit cards that let you earn 1% to 5% cash back on some purchases.

Credit card rewards even offer a sign-up bonus if you spend a certain amount on purchases within the first three months of getting your new credit card. Make sure to pay your credit card bills monthly to take advantage of the cashback and save money when purchasing Prada products.

7) Shop Online

While the Prada website rarely has a sale, there are lots of online stores out there that sell authentic Prada products. Some of these online stores include Overstock, Farfetch, and Lyst.

Since Prada does not own these stores, you often find Prada items on sale – usually seasonal items or those released years ago.

Even though some of the Prada products on sale may be from older styles, these items are still brand new; we all know that a lot of Prada items are timeless pieces that never go out of style.

So you can buy a top released five years ago, and it would still look good.

8) Shop at the Duty-free Section of the Airport

When traveling, it is also good to check out the airport’s duty-free section to see if Prada products are being sold.

A duty-free store is a retail outlet where goods are exempt from paying certain taxes or duties, with a requirement that the goods are sold to travelers who will bring them out of the country.

Most duty-free stores have a section for luxury designer goods where you can get items for significantly lower prices since no taxes are added to them.

So if you have an upcoming trip that will take you out of the country, check out the duty-free section at the airport and see if any Prada items are being sold.

9) Shop Abroad, Especially When Traveling to Europe

Prada products are generally cheaper abroad than in the US, especially in European countries.

This is because Prada is headquartered in Italy, and the products are manufactured there.

All countries close to Italy sell Prada products at significantly lower prices because fewer fees are added due to lower import and export taxes, duty taxes, and transportation costs. France, Italy, and Germany are the cheapest countries to shop for Prada goods.

Plus, if you do the correct paperwork when purchasing these goods and when you leave Europe, you can get a Value-Added Tax refund at the airport. You need to have the receipt and other documents needed for the refund.

So if you are traveling to Europe, it would be best to make your next Prada purchase there.

10) Buy Pre-Loved Prada Items

If you do not mind buying fashion goods second-hand, this is another way to save money on Prada.

Of course, there is a risk to buying pre-loved luxury designer goods since there are shady sellers that sell fake items. So before buying, ask for photos so you can inspect the item.

You also need to ask for an assurance from the seller to avoid buying a fake Prada item.

By researching and patiently checking out websites like Couture USA and eBay, you can find some pre-loved Prada items in good condition and at very low prices. These websites have a buyer’s protection or money-back program that protects the buyers from incidents of getting scammed or receiving a knock-off item.

Anyone loves a good deal, and while sales and promotions on Prada products are hard to come by, you may still be able to score awesome deals by following the tips above.

Oh, and here’s another secret tip: be friendly. If you frequent a certain Prada store and spend enough time in it, even if you are not buying anything, it helps to be friendly with the sales staff.

Tell them you are interested in buying, and if you get acquainted with them well enough, they might tip you off about an upcoming promo.


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