Can Real Relationships Begin On Social Media? (Explained)

Finding a date isn’t what it used to be. While people still can rely on their friends to play matchmaker, more people these days are finding their perfect match online.

Typical dating apps like Tinder or Bumble as designed to help people find a date. However, dating apps can be deemed superficial because matches are initially made solely based on appearance.

Did you know that many people find great relationships online through social media?

Here’s How Relationships Begin on Social Media:

Online relationships are very common. Social media can help people meet and maintain an online or in-person relationships. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn can help people create friendships and romantic attachments online.

Can Friendships Develop Online?

Friendships can develop online! That is literally what social media is designed for.

While it can be scary to let a stranger into your life, especially online, where you never can be quite sure who is on the other end, there is something to putting yourself out there.

In my opinion, it all comes down to common interests. I’ve met so many friends online through shared interests like music, art, and even games!

One of the best ways to develop friendships online is to put yourself out there by joining groups on Facebook!

Facebook groups are designed to bring people together based on common shared interests. The best part about this is that you don’t already have to be friends with someone on Facebook to get to know them online.

These groups aren’t only meant for popular topics either! You can find a group for whatever your interest may be.

There is everything from car-building groups to online communities that have an obsession with tacos. You can easily find and build friendships based on shared love, no matter your passion.

However, to start these friendships, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and make the first move. If you find that you are connecting with one person in a group, send them a private message!

The friendships that I have been able to develop online are some of the most special connections I’ve ever made, and while some have stayed behind the screen, I’ve been lucky enough to meet plenty of them in person, which only makes that connection stronger.

Can Romantic Relationships Develop Online?

Romantic relationships are constantly being created from online relationships, and successfully!

However, it is important to remember that not everyone that you meet online may have the same intentions as you do. People often look for a quick hookup that rarely ever grows into something more.

So, to protect your heart, it is very important to be clear about your intentions.

If you don’t want something serious and are just looking to have some fun, be upfront about it! If you want to find that one person to make a connection with that will last, be very clear about that intention as well.

Much like dating in real life, dating online still comes with the same kind of challenges. You will still have to navigate the rough waters to find what you are looking for.

As long as you remember to lead with respect and integrity, you should be able to make a meaningful, safe connection online.

Are Online Relationships Likely to Fail?

Whether or not online relationships can last or fail has a lot to do with the data we already know from in-person relationships.

Studies show that relationships that have been built online don’t last as long as other relationships. However, the frequency of online relationships is much higher than in-person ones.

High Expectations

The number one reason online relationships fail is that the expectations are set way too high.

Our expectations are naturally low when going through a blind date because we don’t know what to expect. When meeting someone online, we tend to let our imagination take over because there isn’t a physical connection.

When we let our minds run wild, the expectations of the relationship can put way too much pressure on both people.


The other reason online relationships fail more than others is that not everyone is their most authentic self.

Being online gives everyone the chance to be the person they might have always wanted to be. While this is a great way to set some expectations, it can deceive others.

After meeting in person, one might find that the other wasn’t exactly who they expected them to be. Nothing can kill a relationship faster than not being truthful.

After all, truth and trust are the most important stepping stones in creating something that will last a lifetime.

3 Benefits to Online Relationships:

If you are thinking about giving online dating a try, there are a few things to consider.

I always think the best way to do things is to come at it from a positive angle.

So, here are some of the benefits of being in an online relationship!

You Can Meet More People

Dating exclusively in your circle and where you live does limit you.

As humans, we love our comforts, and there is nothing more comfortable than staying put. However, the number one benefit to dating online is opening you up to meet many more people.

More than that, you may find that you are meeting people of different quality.

When we are stuck with this notion that we deserve one thing, it is hard for us to accept that there may be something better. Online, you are better positioned to be a little picky with who you choose to let in when you have more options.

Great Option For Shy People

People who are naturally shy have a harder time putting themselves out there when it comes to dating.

This doesn’t mean that they are incapable of opening up and creating something special.

It just means that anxiety tends to take over when starting the conversation. One of the biggest perks of dating online is that it is far easier to make the first move in the comfort of your own home behind the safety of a screen.

This is because there is so much less of a risk of getting hurt when you can start to develop a relationship online. Online, shy people tend to be more open about who they are and what they want.

Less Pressure On Physical Attraction

I believe that there is someone out there for everyone!

If you find that you are hesitant to start dating because you are not comfortable with the way you look, online dating may be the perfect introduction to the dating world.

Even if you are not feeling great about yourself, being online gives you more confidence to connect with someone and showcase the loveable things about yourself.

Dating sucks, especially when everyone turns their faces and edits their bodies. It can be hard to feel attractive when there is an impossible beauty standard to live up to.

So, taking some of the pressure off when it comes to physical attraction is a major plus.

3 Drawbacks to Online Relationships:

I would be doing you a disservice if I mentioned all of the wonderful benefits of an online relationship without mentioning the drawbacks, and trust me.

There are plenty! Like most things in life, there is a bit of danger and unknowns regarding dating online.

So, before you set up your dating profile and pick out your favorite selfies, prepare yourself for the wild side of dating online:

People Are Not Always Truthful

One of the biggest downsides to online dating, as well as heartaches, is when people lie.

I’m not saying that it is always done intentionally, but lying never comes with good intentions. Perhaps the person only lets you see the type of person they hope to become.

No matter how big or small the deception is, any breach of trust is a huge relationship killer.

There are also people who are lying on purpose. Whether they are scamming, catfishing, or even trying to harm you, there are bad people out there that you need to avoid.

While I could tell you that this doesn’t happen often and is easy to spot, the truth is that it happens quite often.

Making A Connection Can Be Slow

Another downside to online dating is that it is much harder to jump right in and feel a strong connection when talking with someone solely through a computer screen.

We can sometimes feel like we’re rushing to know each other before the bill comes when meeting in person. When dating online, you have to take the time to get to know each other, and it can be a painfully slow process.

More notably, the initial online connections don’t tend to be as strong as those made in person. This is mainly because people still have their guard up when dating online, and breaking through those emotional walls takes a lot more legwork than it does when you are dating in person.

Overcoming Disappointment

While having more options for dating is never a bad thing, you have to swim through a lot more muck to find someone worth your time.

This is one of the main reasons some people have given up on online dating altogether. It can be so easy to get disheartened when you keep having these online dates without making one deep connection.

Perhaps the biggest perk to dating in person is that it forces you to give your attention and time to one person, allowing you to get to know that person.

The more “bad online dates” we go on, the easier it is to guard yourself more and more with each date which can do you a big disservice in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Dating is constantly a changing game.

There are so many rules and routes to follow that it can sometimes feel pointless. Who wouldn’t want to resolve themselves to life with our dogs? But, there is nothing more special in life than finding that one person who can make you feel complete.

So, if online dating is the way to do it, give it a try! The more you start putting yourself out there, the more comfortable you can become with dating in general.

You never know when that one person you’ve always admired on social media will finally open their eyes and notice you too.


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