What Do Guys Want For Their Birthday? (8 Best Ideas)

Tired of cycling through all the gift ideas you’ve been using for years? Want to know the best way to keep your guy on his toes while still giving him the gift of a lifetime?

Try not to give the perfect gift, but instead, gift your man with an experience! This is a great way for the two of you to have a unique time together!

Here are 8 things that your guy will truly want to do for his birthday so that you can continue to be the gift-giving champion you are!

1. Rage Room

While you may be turned off by the idea of a “Rage Room,” they are much more fun than you may be expecting!

Plus, they help get some extra aggression that you or your man may be carrying around!  A Rage Room is an experience you have to sign up for ahead of time, so if you are planning on gifting your special guy with a way to blow off steam, make sure to do so!

Rage Rooms are individual rooms filled with objects made from glass and outdated electronics and even vases and other precious items.  You and your guy will be equipped with sledgehammers as well as protective gear to make sure you both stay safe.

From there, the room is yours to destroy! You can spend some serious time crashing through the objects in the room until everything is broken all around you.

Not only is this is a great way to let a little bit of anger out, but it is also an amazing workout!  It may seem simple and kind of silly to spend your day this way, but think about that feeling you will get when you’ve been able to vent a little extra emotion.

Plus, it is certainly a life experience that neither of you will soon forget!

2. Escape Room

If you like the idea of bringing your man to a unique experience but are not so comfortable with broken glass flying around your head, an escape room may be perfect for you.

The process of booking an escape room is very similar to a rage room where you will have to sign up ahead of arrival.  Also, escape rooms work best with a group of 4 or more!

So, make it a party!  Bring along his friends or family and make the experience something he truly will never forget.

You will be stuck in these rooms until your entire team solves the final puzzle, revealing the “master key,” so make sure that everyone is comfortable with being stuck for a little while. Staff will be obligated to let you out in an emergency, so don’t worry!

Each room has its theme, like a pirate ship or an old detective’s office from the 1950s.  You and your group will follow a series of clues and work together to solve them before the time runs out.

These clues will ultimately let you “escape the room!”

3. Brewery Tour

Do you have a man in your life who not only enjoys a beer but also has admiration for the entire brewing process?

Take him on a tour of his favorite brewery!  Each state usually has its local brew that locals widely love. A brewery tour will let you see every step of the brewing process up close!

From developing new flavors and types, all the way to bottling a growler of a freshly made brew, the entire process is completely fascinating.  My favorite part of a brewing tour is seeing just how massive its scale is.

You would be surprised to see just how large the vats of beer are once they are in the fermenting stage!

Plus, once the tour ends, you and your guy can enjoy all of the different types of beer that you watched being made.  It is almost like having drinks, and a show rolled all into one!

Just don’t be surprised if your man finds his new favorite hobby and starts brewing his own batch right at home.

4. Stay-Cation

Have you ever wanted to take a trip with your favorite guy but have too many things working against you and your travel plans?

From conflicting work schedules to lack of funds, your dream vacation may still be years away.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat your man to a little vacation.

Even better, one where you barely need any gas!

What Exactly is a Stay-Cation?

Stay-cations have become increasingly popular. People are finding new ways to discover the town they already live in!

A Stay-cation is a vacation that takes place in the area you already reside in, hence the “stay” part!

Book a cheap night or two at a local hotel or bed and breakfast and force yourselves to see your city through the eyes of a tourist.

There is something really special about staying somewhere where you don’t have to clean up after yourself or worry about cooking each meal.  Just getting a little break from the routine of day-to-day life is enough to reset the mind, body, and soul.

Plus, your man will get a chance to unwind while you can still keep your bank account intact!

5. Fear Factor Party

Does your man like to try new things and isn’t afraid to get into the weirder side of life? If so, you may have a real daredevil on your hands.

In the early 2000s, Fear Factor was a reality show that was all the rage. From eating bugs to taking high jumps off of clifts, the show forced people to face their greatest fears.  While you may not have a cliff in your backyard for your man to leap off of, you can throw an amazing dinner party for him and his friends that still has the spirit of adventure.

All you need is a little bit of devious planning, a group of willing friends, and fear chasing man!  Plan the dinner around some of the more popular experiences that the show’s contestants faced.  Chocolate-covered crickets for dessert? A mysterious game of “what’s in the box?”

Why not!

Just make sure that no one is in any actual danger, and don’t pressure anyone to do something they don’t want to do. Otherwise, it will be less of a weird party and more just “weird.”

6. Rent A Boat

If your man has the overwhelming urge to cannonball into the ocean, a boat ride will be a perfect experience for him on his special day.

Local lakes or seaside towns will have boating tours or boats to rent for an hour or two. This is great for fishing, swimming, relaxing, or partying (safely) on the water!

But why stop at just a boat ride?  You can take it one step further and rent a yacht for this monument day as long as your budget allows.

Renting a yacht means that you are getting much more out of your day since they often come standard with a driver and water experiences like snorkeling and diving.  One of the best ways to connect with your loved one is to do something that you both enjoy.

So, if spending your day with the fish in a beautiful setting is your passion, this date will be perfect for you two!  There is no better ending to a day like this than having a wonderful meal at sunset on the water.

7. Suspension Rope Course

If you are your man have an adventurous spirit but want to skip on the candy-flavored bugs, a rope course may be perfect for you!

A rope course is usually located out in the woods.  Once you trek to your destination, you will be amazed by the tall trees adorned with rope bridges, ladders, and swings for you and your guests to enjoy.

A professional will make sure that you are safely strapped into a harness before you attempt to complete the course.  Many times, crossing these rope trails will require you and your team to work together.

That’s why it is great to bring a couple of his friends along! This is a great bonding experience, especially if you haven’t had the chance to truly connect with your boyfriend’s friend group yet!

Experiences are not always about the adventure but also who you share it with.

8. “Find Me” Scavenger Hunt

Do you and your man love to solve puzzles together?  Do you both look forward to tucking into a board game at the end of a long day?

If so – this is a perfect way to have your guy spend his birthday!  The Find Me game is a puzzle for your man to solve that usually includes things he enjoys or reminds you of your relationship with him.

Start with one single clue written on a card to find as soon as he begins his day. Each clue will lead him somewhere new or help him find a few gifts you’ve prepared for him.

If he needs to go to the office, have a clue waiting for him at his desk so that he can keep playing all day long! Have a special place where the two of you like to grab lunch together?  Send him there on his lunch break and pay for it in advance!

The final clue card should lead him to his last destination, which can be anything from a dinner picnic to an overnight camping experience.

Your man will appreciate all of the work you went through planning out an amazing scavenger hunt while still gaining a beautiful memory for both of you to cherish for years to come!

In Conclusion!

Planning the perfect birthday outing can be anxiety-inducing.  It can be difficult to give your man the special day he deserves, from budget constraints to feeling burnt-out creatively.

That is why creating experiences, and not just monetary gifts, are the way to go!  This way, he will always have the memory of that one special birthday that was perfectly designed just for him.

So, whether you both want to get out a little bit of aggression by smashing an old printer to pieces or want to lay back and soak up the sun on your private boat, there is no wrong way to show someone just how much you care.

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can give the one special guy in your life something to talk about for years to come.  Good luck!

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