Does TikTok Fake or Inflate Views & Likes? (Solved)

One of the biggest challenges involved in becoming famous online is collecting fans and followers.

It can be very hard to be seen and even harder for someone to like and interact with your posts. Especially on apps like TikTok. With millions of accounts and users to compete with, gaining views can seem impossible!

There are even rumors online that users of apps and sites like TikTok, Instagram or Twitter create fake accounts or buy fake account views, follows, and likes in order to boost the popularity of their account overnight.

Does TikTok fake or inflate views and likes?

There are many online users and uncredited businesses out there that will offer services for fake views, likes, and follows on sites like TikTok. Sometimes they claim their padded views are “free,” or they request a fee to do so.

There is always the possibility that the views and likes that you’re seeing are fake.

In this article, we will explore this culture of fake views and likes, and how apps like TikTok deal with them.

Does TikTok Show Inflated View Numbers?

TikTok provides numbers on how many views and likes a video has had when you scroll past it.

If you buy yourself five hundred views, most likely, they are going to show up on your video. However, TikTok can catch these shady accounts and videos very quickly.

However, if someone reports this as a shady number, or if your followers show signs of potentially being hundreds of bots, TikTok can remove your video and even ban your account.

This is because buying views and followers is almost always a violation of the policies and restrictions set up by apps like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

If you are found to be in violation of

Why Don’t View Numbers on TikTok Add Up?

As we’ve mentioned before, there are instances where an account can obviously have very little views.

This can happen when you only have one or two videos on the site, don’t post often, but still, have several thousands of likes and views.

It is possible to become famous overnight on sites like TikTok, but it is more often the case that that user may have paid for views to go along with their new content.

How Do I Know if the View Count is Fake or Inflated?

View counts that seem suspicious usually are.

The way that you can tell if an account is filled with fake followers and views will usually depend on two factors:

  • The Account Itself
  • The Credibility of a Follower’s Account

If the TikTok account has over 50,000 followers and views with only one or two videos on their account, they are probably paying for followers.

Furthermore, if the videos have more than 1,000 likes but no comments, or comments that don’t seem to make sense or could have been written by a bot, the views are probably fake.

Most fake followers are bots or quickly created accounts that have little to no personality. Their photos will usually be stock photos with noticeable watermarks or will be repeated across several different accounts.

Their names will usually be strange, and their descriptions will include random characters, emojis, or symbols.

This is the sign of fake followers and, therefore, fake views on an account.

Do People Buy Fake Views and Likes on TikTok?

Buying fake views and likes on TikTok is one of the easier ways to get inflated views.

This is not a cheap route to go, of course, and often those sites who claim to help users will scam them or never deliver on the views and likes that users purchased.

If you are going to try and buy views, be prepared for strange bot account for followers and possible scams.

Furthermore, inflating your views and faking accounts is usually in violation of the terms and services of sites and apps like TikTok and Twitter, and can get your account banned very quickly if you are found to be guilty.

Because of this, many who are scammed out of their money when they try to buy views and likes will not report it or announce it online, perpetuating the cycle of fake followers.

However, if a user is successful in purchasing fake views for your account, most likely, they will continue to do so until their account has reached thousands of likes, views, and followers.

Does TikTok do a Good Job of Removing Fake Views?

TikTok is usually pretty good at responding to reported accounts and videos.

In 2019, TikTok was infamous for deleting thousands of user accounts to comply with a compliance violation that cost them over 5 million dollars.

Since then, they have been making it a priority to follow up on reported videos and accounts that may have been in violation of their terms and conditions.

While it is very difficult to catch some of these fake accounts – as there are millions of users and videos on the site each day – TikTok is doing its best to follow up on any reported content and to take appropriate action.

How Do People Fake Views and Inflate the Numbers?

Faking views and inflating numbers usually requires bots, many fake accounts, and a lot of time and talent with a computer.

Many who advertise five hundred views, likes, or followers for “a low price” are usually programmers and coordinators of many different team members.

Either they will program bots and algorithms to inflate your videos, or they will painstakingly create account after account with random email addresses and login information to follow and like every video that you make.

Because of this, each new “follower” will have similar names with numbers attached, will not make videos of their own, and will most likely never respond to comments or questions directed their way.

What Counts as a Real View on TikTok?

A “real” view on TikTok is what users do every single day.

If you are an avid TikTok user, you may view over one hundred videos every few hours on the app alone! That’s crazy!

Each time a user watches a video in their feed, that video may receive a “view.” The more views you have, the more you will show up on filters to find the “hot” or popular videos trending on the site each day.

These are legitimate views and are usually how TikTok users become famous.

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