Does TikTok Review You Videos & Text? (We Checked)

If your video on TikTok is under review, you will miss out on views and view count, which can be frustrating for creators who use TikTok for their online monetization.

Why does TikTok review videos, and do they do it all the time?

Does TikTok review videos?

There are different ways that TikTok checks on your videos or reviews them. Either you’ve done something wrong, and TikTok needs to check and see if your video violates their terms and agreements, or your video is being categorized and noted by the algorithm to decide where to put you.

It is not clear whether or not TikTok can read your video’s caption unless you are already under review for potential violations.

What Exactly Does TikTok Check When You Upload a Video?

When you upload a video, the TikTok algorithm decides how they want to categorize you.

Your video may include music, comedy, educational content, or any number of things that will help you and your brand grow.

If that’s the case, you may find that you end up in certain categories. These categories are used by potential viewers who are looking for certain kinds of content.

However, the algorithm doesn’t really watch, rate, and review your video. Rather, the algorithm uses methods to tell what makes your content “similar” to other videos in your category.

If your video is under a real review by TikTok, it may be because you were flagged for inappropriate content or something that violated the TikTok terms and services.

Does TikTok Review Every Video That Goes Up?

TikTok’s algorithm is constantly working to figure out where your video should go and who would most likely want to see it. Still, most content on Tik Tok is only viewed by kids and young people.

For example, if you post a lot about pets, you may end up in a dog or cat category that caters to viewers who love pet videos. If you post a lot of dancing or singing videos, you’ll end up in a different category of entertainment.

This algorithm will categorize you and check for spam within 12 – 24 hours of your posting the video.

However, if your video is “under review,” you have different problems.

What Does Under Review Mean?

Being under review means that you or your videos were flagged for inappropriate content or something that violated the TikTok terms and services.

If your video is under review, it means that TikTok will put a pause on your view count and hold onto your video until they are satisfied with their investigation. This can sometimes mean a week or more of your video not receiving views or feedback.

The TikTok algorithm can also make mistakes and accidentally flag you as spam. If that’s the case, wait for your review to be over, and you will eventually get your video back onto the feeds of millions.

How Long Will a Video be Under Review?

Some videos can be held under review for more than a week.

This is frustrating to regular posters who rely on TikTok views and feedback in order to grow their brand or fame.

Even new users will get frustrated with a lack of views or likes on their videos as the algorithm works to categorize them for roughly 24 hours (even longer if the algorithm makes a mistake).

This can discourage many users from continuing on the app, and they often delete it if they feel they aren’t getting popular quickly enough.

Can You Write Exactly What you Want?

When you post a video on TikTok, you have the option to add a caption or description of your video to give extra context to your viewers or to say something funny.

These captions are pretty much a free for all with a few exceptions, such as explicit words or phrases that could be considered violations of the TikTok terms of the agreement.

The youngest you can be on TikTok is about 13 years old, so it is difficult to include mature content on TikTok without getting flagged or checked on.

Just make sure your captions or descriptions are clean, short, and to the point for added success!

What Does TikTok Look for When Reviewing Content?

There are four major reasons that your video on TikTok could be under review.

Each of these reasons violates TikTok’s terms of use and agreements and could get your account removed or your videos taken down.

Make sure you don’t include any of this into your videos, even on accident:

Adult or Pornographic Content:

TikTok is an app that is meant for everyone, and the youngest, and you can be on the app, is 13 years old.

This means that TikTok forbids anything pornographic, adult, or not safe for work on their app.

There are some content creators out there who toe the line of what is considered adult or inappropriate, but if your video is flagged and found guilty, you could get your videos taken down very quickly.

Violence or Gore:

Any violence such as fighting (whether real-life or fictional) can get your video flagged for review.

Bloodshed or mangled limbs or any other disturbing content like that can also get you banned or removed from the app.

Therefore, it is best to keep your stage-fighting in your videos as playful and innocent as possible.

Violation of Moral Conduct or Promotion of Crime:

Taking videos of yourself robbing a store or committing a crime is another way to get reviewed or banned on the app.

The TikTok app and company frown upon illegal activities and will prevent them from being shown on their app as best as they can.

Not to mention that you should never commit crimes, and if you did, posting about it is probably not a good move.

Copyright Infringement:

All content that you post on TikTok should be either parody or completely original.

Reading a book aloud that isn’t in the public domain or simply recording a movie and posting it in pieces on TikTok is not allowed and is considered copyright infringement.

Furthermore, if you are constantly recreating other videos or claiming something is yours when it clearly is not is another way that you can get yourself reviewed or banned.

Do They Censor the Content?

TikTok doesn’t take the time to censor content.

If you or your channel is found to be in violation of TikTok’s terms of use and services, you will find that your videos can be taken down or even your whole account banned.

There isn’t a “mature warning” on TikTok as of yet, and there may never be.

Just make sure your content is within the proper guidelines, and you have nothing to fear!

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