Does USPS Drop Off Packages At Your Door? (We Checked)

As one of the most widely used mail carriers in the United States, USPS is a very reliable company, with more than 97% of mail delivered successfully.

How does USPS deliver packages? Would they leave it at your door?

Here Is How USPS Deliver Packages:

Mail and small parcels are often delivered in mailboxes. When a package does not fit in the mailbox, the USPS carrier knocks on the recipient’s door and tries to deliver the package in person. They would not leave it at the door unless there were special instructions.

Does USPS Normally Deliver Packages To Your Door Or Mailbox?

USPS carriers always deliver envelopes and small parcels to your mailbox as long as they fit inside.

When it comes to bigger packages, USPS carriers handle them differently.

USPS carriers normally deliver packages by knocking on your front door and trying to hand them over in person. 

This happens even if the packages do not require a signature. This is a way for them to ensure that the package is delivered successfully.

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Does USPS Require A Signature When Delivering Packages?

USPS would only require a signature upon delivery if the sender avails of the Signature Confirmation service.

This is an add-on service that the sender can purchase when shipping a package. USPS mail carriers must ask for the recipient’s signature upon delivery if they pay for this service.

The sender may require that only the addressee can sign for the package. They may also allow an authorized representative if the intended recipient is unavailable.

Sometimes, the sender may require an Adult Signature. In this case, only someone 21 years old and above can sign for the package.

They must also present a valid photo ID for age verification upon signing.

What Happens If You’re Not Home When USPS Delivers A Package?

If no one is home at the time of the package delivery, the USPS mail carrier will sometimes leave a notice on your door.

The note will inform you that a delivery attempt was made at your address. It will tell you who sent the package, and it will also give you two options so you can get it.

The first option is to schedule a redelivery. It lets you choose a date for redelivery, so you can deliver it when convenient.

The second option is to pick it up at your local post office. Make sure to bring a valid photo ID for verification if you choose this option.

Will USPS Priority Leave Packages At Your Door?

For the customers’ security, USPS carriers do not leave packages at your door.

This is because there are many risks to having packages left out in an open and unsecured place, such as your front porch.

Unless special instructions tell them to do so, USPS Priority will not leave packages at your door.

Can You Tell USPS To Leave A Package At your door?

You can tell USPS to leave a package at your door. That is, if the package does not require a signature upon delivery.

The US Postal Service offers the option to customize delivery so you can give instructions to leave packages at the door.

You can deliver it to a specific location, such as the back porch or garage. You can also have it delivered to a different address.

Plus, you can always collect your packages at the post office. You just need to enter this in the delivery instructions, and the post office will hold the packages for you to pick up.

You just have to log in to your USPS account to add instructions. Enter the tracking number of your package and click on Delivery Instructions. From there, you can place special instructions for delivering your package.

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Will USPS Respect A Note On The Door About Dropping Off A Package?

While it could depend on the USPS carrier, the answer is generally no.

Anyone could write a note on the door. With the incidents of theft, even mail thieves can write a note and tape it to the door of their targeted house.

Even though safety can be subjective, most USPS carriers would feel that it isn’t safe to follow instructions from a note on the door.

So if you want to give specific instructions about dropping off a package, it’s best to do it through the USPS website.

Log in to your account, enter your package’s tracking number, and type in the delivery instructions.

Will USPS Leave A Package At An Apartment Door?

USPS deliveries are handled differently in apartments. Mail and smaller parcels are often dropped off at cluster mailboxes in the apartment lobby or near the entrance.

As for packages that don’t fit in the mailbox, it depends on the policies in the apartment building.

In some apartment buildings, USPS carriers can leave packages at the door. In others, packages are left at the reception for the addressee to pick up.

The building management is usually not liable for any lost packages.

If you live in an apartment building, it is your discretion. You can have the packages dropped off at the door if you deem it safe.


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