Do Gucci Products Have Serial Numbers & Date Codes? (Explained)

Whenever you need to verify the authenticity of luxury designer items, most people advise checking if there is a serial number. It’s very common for luxury items to have serial numbers.

Gucci products have serial numbers but not date codes. The format and placement of the serial number may vary depending on the type of product, but most items have it.

Here’s what you need to know about Gucci serial numbers:

Here’s Why Gucci Products Have Serial Numbers:

Most Gucci products have serial numbers, but they do not have date codes. The reason that Gucci products have serial numbers is for easy verification of their authenticity. By inspecting the serial number of a Gucci product, one could tell if it is an actual Gucci item or not.

What Type Of Gucci Products Have Serial Numbers?

Not all Gucci products have serial numbers. For example, clothes, hats, scarves, sunglasses, and other accessories are unavailable.

Here are the products that do have serial numbers:


When Gucci was new, their bags did not have serial numbers. It was in the late 1990s when Gucci started putting serial numbers on their bags.

The serial number of Gucci bags is placed on the underside of the leather tag attached to the lining. The serial number has two rows of numbers. The first row corresponds to the style number of the bag, while the second row corresponds to the supplier number.

Take note that the serial number does not contain any letters – if the serial number has a letter, it is a fake bag.

Since serial numbers weren’t placed on products before the late 1990s, vintage Gucci bags do not have serial numbers. If you want to authenticate a vintage bag, you must bring it to a third-party company for authentication.


Just like bags, Gucci wallets have serial numbers.

You can find the number on the reverse side of the leather tag attached to the wallet.

The serial number of wallets comes in the same format as the bags, which are made up of numbers.

It is printed in 2 rows, with the top row corresponding to the style number and the bottom row being the supplier number.


Gucci accessories usually do not have serial numbers, but Gucci belts do.

The serial number can be found on the reverse side of the belt and is printed below the logo.

The serial number of Gucci belts contains 19 to 21 digits. They typically start with either “114” o4 “223” as the first three digits.

If the serial number starts with “1212”, it is not authentic.


Gucci shoes also have serial numbers, which come in an 8-digit format. The first 6 digits correspond to the style number, while the last 2 digits correspond to the shoe size.

The placement of the serial number for Gucci shoes depends on the shoe type.

It can be found on the sole, printed above the sizing for most shoe types, such as boots, heels, and loafers.

For sneakers, the serial number is printed at the heel of the lining.


Gucci watches are one of those items commonly replicated in the counterfeit market, so they have serial numbers for authentication.

The serial number of a Gucci can be found etched on the back of the case near the logo.

It’s also printed on the certificate of authenticity.

How Are Gucci Products Serial Numbers Used?

Gucci product serial numbers can be used in many different ways.

While some people would look at them and see just numbers, they can actually provide some important information about Gucci products.

The serial numbers of Gucci products are commonly used for authentication and for knowing important details about your item.

This is particularly helpful if you like to buy preloved designer items. They can tell you if it is authentic by contacting Gucci and providing them with the serial number of a secondhand Gucci item.

They can also tell you when and where the item was manufactured.

They can probably also tell you when the item was originally purchased so you would know how old it actually is.

What About Date Codes On Gucci Products?

Some luxury designer brands use date codes on their products. The date codes correspond to the month, and year an item was manufactured.

Gucci does not put date codes on their products.

The serial number of Gucci products corresponds to the style number. In some products, the serial number includes the supplier number but never the dates.

So it would be hard to check on your own what year an item was made.

However, you can still get that information when you contact Gucci.

You can send them an email with the serial number of the item. From there, they can check their records when that particular item was manufactured.

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Are Gucci Serial Numbers Used For Authentication?

While there are many ways to tell whether a Gucci product is authentic or not, the serial number is probably the best and most certain way.

When authenticating a Gucci product, experts would inspect every detail. They would check the logo and stitching for consistency.

They would look at the care tags and check the font. They would also check the hardware for markings.

The last thing that bag experts would check is the serial number. While many counterfeit Gucci items closely resemble the real thing, no one can fake a serial number.

If you bought a secondhand Gucci bag, always check the serial number. Contact Gucci by phone or email, provide them with the serial number, and they can tell you whether it is authentic or not.

You can’t use serial numbers to authenticate a Gucci bag only if it’s a vintage bag.

All bags manufactured before the 1990s do not have serial numbers. So if you purchased a vintage Gucci from someone else, you would need to take it to a bag expert to authenticate it.

There are fees for these services, but at least you can be sure that the item is authentic.

Plus, you will be given a certificate of authenticity, so you have documentation in case you want to resell it in the future.

Can You Lookup Serial Numbers with Gucci?

You cannot look up serial numbers for Gucci.

The best you can do is contact Gucci via phone or email to request product verification using the serial number. They have a toll-free number in the US, or you can email their team and provide them with the serial number.

A faster way to authenticate a Gucci item is through NFC tags, but this method is only available for products manufactured from 2017 onwards.

Gucci products manufactured from 2017 onwards have an NFC tag called the Gucci tag. You can scan this tag using any smartphone, and you’d be able to authenticate the item within seconds.

Can Product Codes Help if Gucci Bags are Lost or Stolen?

Gucci bags are very expensive, and the last thing that you want to happen is either lose it or have it stolen. If either of the two happens, would product codes be of any help?

Unfortunately, product codes are not very helpful if your Gucci bag gets lost or stolen.

There is no way to track a Gucci bag’s location using the serial number. There is also no way to get a Gucci serial number flagged.

If your Gucci bag gets stolen, the best you can do is keep a lookout for secondhand Gucci bags for sale in your area.

If you see a similar bag being sold, you can ask for its serial number and crosscheck it with the one on the authenticity card – that is, if you kept the card.

Product codes are generally not helpful for lost or stolen Gucci items.

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