Do Prada Products Have Serial Numbers & Date Codes? (Explained)

Most designer products have serial numbers, and the same applies to Prada.

Prada makes expensive products of excellent quality, and there can be some great deals, but you want to be sure that the Prada item you’re about to purchase is authentic.

So Prada has serial numbers and other number codes associated with its products.

Here’s Why Prada Products Have Numbers & Codes:

All Prada products have serial numbers. Prada products have numbers and codes to identify and prove their authenticity. Numbers and codes can help you make sure you’re buying an authentic one from third-party sellers.

What Type Of Prada Products Have Serial Numbers?

The most common Prada products that are being imitated are bags and purses. This is why it’s so important that authentic ones have serial numbers so you can easily avoid buying a fake one.

As a customer, you’d be glad to know that serial numbers don’t just apply to bags. All Prada products have serial numbers.

Here’s where you can find the serial number for each Prada product:


Where to find the serial number on Prada bags may vary depending on the model of the bag and when it was released.

In general, the serial number of a Prada bag is indicated on the Authenticity Card that it comes with. This is why you must never throw this card away. You can keep it in your wallet or somewhere safe.

The authenticity card also contains information about the bag, such as the model number, the color, and the place and date of purchase.

Apart from the serial number, you will also see a white tag inside the interior pocket containing a sequence of 2 to 3 numbers. This is the Quality Assurance Tag which indicates the bag’s factory number.


Prada clothes also have serial numbers. You can find this on the item card that comes with the clothes and other details about the purchase.

If you lose the card, there are many ways to tell if a Prada clothing item is authentic. And they are easier to authenticate compared to bags.


The serial numbers on Prada shoes are also indicated on the item card that is included with them.

Plus, the shoe box is a dead giveaway when purchasing Prada shoes. This is because Prada patents the box, which looks very different from other shoe boxes.


For Prada sunglasses and eyewear, the serial number is etched on the product itself. If you look at the item closely, you should find the serial number on the top portion of the inner right lens.

You would see numbers on the left temple of Prada sunglasses, but that is not the serial number. Those markings indicate the model number and the size specifications of the sunglasses.

The serial number is made of 10 characters in tiny markings. This small detail is hard to duplicate, so you would never find a serial number on fake Prada sunglasses.

Other Prada Items

The serial number can be found on the packaging or item card for other Prada items and accessories.

How Are Prada Products Serial Numbers Used?

Serial numbers are assigned to all kinds of Prada products as a form of identification.

Prada product serial numbers are used to authenticate a product.

For example, if you purchase a pre-owned Prada bag, you can use the serial number to authenticate it. Even fake ones have serial numbers.

So if you have a Prada bag you did not purchase at their store, you can contact Prada online and provide the serial number.

It may take a few days to get a response from them, but they will get back to you and let you know if your product is authentic or not, just by the serial number.

What About Date Codes On Prada Products?

Some designer brands have date codes on their products. The date code often contains numbers to represent the date that the product was manufactured.

The date code for some brands includes letters representing the factory location.

Prada products do not have date codes. However, they do have factory tags.

Factory tags are also called Quality Assurance Tags and can be found in the inner pockets of Prada bags. These tags contain 2 to 3 numbers that represent the factory number.

Are Prada Serial Numbers And Codes Used For Authentication?

Prada serial numbers and codes are primarily placed on products as a form of identification. You can also use them for authentication.

There are many ways to authenticate Prada products by inspecting the logo and the small details and checking the packaging. Still, serial numbers and codes are the best way to authenticate products.

While some fake Prada items have serial numbers to appear authentic, they can be verified by simply contacting Prada and providing the numbers.

Can You Lookup Serial Numbers With Prada?

While some brands have made it easy for customers to check serial numbers online, this is currently not an option for Prada.

Only Prada can check serial numbers to verify the authenticity of a product.

All you need to do is contact the Prada team directly from the website’s online contact page to request verification. Make sure to include the serial number on the subject line of your validation request and provide all other relevant information in the body of the message.

Once you’ve sent your request, there’s nothing else to do but wait for a response from the Prada team.

If you want a faster way to authenticate Prada items, there are lots of third-party companies who are proven experts when it comes to designer handbags. So another option for you is to go to these companies and have them authenticate your Prada bag for a fee.

This is also a good option if you don’t have an authentication card. They will check every detail of your bag, like the logos, hardware, stitching, and inner lining, to check whether it is authentic.

Can Product Codes Help If Prada Bags Are Lost Or Stolen?

If your Prada bag gets lost or stolen, you’d most likely want to retrieve it because it is expensive and valuable.

Unfortunately, product codes do not help if a Prada bag is lost or stolen.

For example, if your Prada bag gets stolen and you see a similar one being sold at a pre-owned shop, you would not be able to prove that it’s yours because the serial number is not printed anywhere on the bag.

Prada does include two authenticity cards. So on the slim chance that you placed one of the cards inside the bag when it was stolen, you may be able to prove that the bag is yours by presenting the other card and showing how the details matched.

But other than that, product codes are not helpful when a bag gets lost or stolen. These numbers and codes are only useful when verifying the product’s authenticity.


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