USPS & Gated Communities: 6 Common Questions (Answered)

If you live outside of a big city, you may have heard about gated communities. These are residential areas with privatized common spaces that have restricted access to people who do not live there.

Gated communities have designated perimeters like walls or fences. These communities also have controlled entry points to prevent non-residents from entering.

How do gated communities work with USPS carriers? Let’s find out!

How Mail Is Generally Delivered To Gated Communities:

In most gated communities, residents enter by using a gate code. Authorized visitors, like mail carriers, are given these gate codes to make their deliveries inside. Residents must meet the mail carriers at the gate if the community policy prohibits sharing the gate code with visitors.

Does USPS Deliver To Gated Communities?

USPS delivers to gated communities.

A lot of gated communities use the keypad method to give access to their residents. It is the easiest way to provide access to restricted areas. It is also the oldest known method.

Residents and authorized visitors of gated communities can gain access and open the gate by entering the gate code into the keypad.

To make their deliveries in gated communities, USPS mail carriers are often given these gate codes. Customers who reside in gated communities that use keypads are often allowed to share these codes with their mail carriers.

Suppose the community policy prohibits residents from sharing the gate code with visitors, including mail carriers.

In that case, they must go outside and meet the mail carriers at the gate to receive their mail.

But this does not happen very often. Property managers and customers can usually share the gate code with USPS mail carriers and UPS and FedEx drivers.

Can USPS Refuse To Deliver To Gated Communities?

USPS workers are bound by a universal service obligation to ensure everyone gets the mail service they need.

Because of this universal service obligation, USPS cannot refuse to deliver to gated communities.

All USPS mail carriers must provide mail services, such as deliveries and package pickups, to all customers, regardless of where they reside.

However, delivering to gated communities can be a hassle and take a lot of time, especially when mail carriers have to get out of their vehicles to enter an access PIN at the gate.

What Happens If USPS Skips A Gated Entrance?

If a USPS mail carrier skips a gated entrance, USPS will place a note on your package that says ‘No Access To Delivery Location.’

This means they could not physically reach the place where they can deliver or drop off your package. The package will be on hold at the post office if this happens.

So if you live in a gated community and you are expecting a package, but it was not delivered, then it is most likely returned to the post office and on hold there.

You can confirm this by logging in to the USPS website and checking on the status of your package. It will show you if there is a failed delivery attempt for your package.

From here, you have two options to get your package: either schedule redelivery on your preferred date or pick it up at your local post office.

If you want to schedule a redelivery, provide the gate code so that the USPS mail carrier may enter the gated community and complete the delivery. You can provide the gate code by adding special delivery instructions to your package.

If you pick up the package, bring a valid photo ID so the postal worker can verify your identity before handing you the package.

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Does USPS Have Gate Codes?

USPS does not have gate codes unless provided by the customer or the property manager.

To complete their deliveries in gated communities, USPS mail carriers should have the gate code or access PIN. They can only get it if the property manager or the customer has provided them with it.

Property managers can share the gate code with USPS mail carriers who frequently make deliveries in the gated community. Customers can also provide the gate code to USPS by indicating it in the delivery instructions for their package.

Once USPS has the gate code, they may keep it on file to make it more convenient for them to complete future deliveries.

Should You Give USPS Drivers Your Gate Code?

Generally, giving USPS drivers your gate code is perfectly safe. So if you are expecting a package delivery, you should give USPS drivers your gate code.

Giving them the gate code makes it easier and faster for them to complete the delivery in your community.

Plus, even if you don’t give them the gate code, many USPS drivers already have it if their regular delivery route includes gated communities.

Property managers of these communities usually give USPS drivers the gate codes.

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Does Amazon Deliver To Gated Communities?

Just like USPS, Amazon also delivers to gated communities.

Customers can give Amazon drivers the gate code to receive their orders.

Property managers sometimes would also provide Amazon drivers with the gate code, especially if they make regular deliveries inside the community.


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