Does USPS Have Copy Machines & Printers? (We Checked)

While copy machines and printers are common equipment, not everyone can access them. Not everyone can afford to buy these devices to use at home.

What if you need to print something for your shipment? Does USPS have copy machines and printers for customers to use?

Here’s What You Need to Know about USPS Printing Services:

If you need a shipping label for your package but don’t have a printer, you can easily get one printed by visiting your local post office. Here you will find kiosks that allow customers to print shipping labels. You just need to create a USPS account to use these services.

Can You Expect USPS to Print Documents for You?

Apart from shipping and mailing, there are other things you can do with the US Postal Service.

USPS offers an array of shipping-related services for the convenience of its customers. USPS provides free shipping materials such as boxes and envelopes.

However, you cannot expect USPS to print documents for you. While USPS does offer printing services, it does not include documents.

Here’s what USPS can do for you in terms of printing:

Shipping Labels:

All packages need a shipping label, so they are considered essential. This is also the most common document that customers can print at USPS locations.

There is no cost for printing shipping labels as it is already included in the fees associated with the shipment.

All you need to do is pay the postage fee, and a postal worker will print a shipping label for you to fill out with details about your package and the recipient’s information.

Direct Marketing Mail:

If you have a business and want to print marketing materials to send through mail, USPS offers marketing services with printing through third-party companies.

For this service, USPS partners with third-party advertising and printing professionals to help you create a direct mail marketing campaign and reach your target audience. 

These third-party companies include local printers already familiar with USPS standards for mailing.

Again, take note that this is a service for businesses only.

You cannot use this service to create and send personal documents like birthday party invitations through the mail.

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Can USPS Printers and Copy Machines be Used For Personal Projects?

As discussed above, USPS printers can only be used for printing shipping labels for customers.

Postal workers may also use USPS printers to print work-related documents but not for personal use.

Generally speaking, USPS printers cannot be used by anyone for personal projects. On the other hand, copy machines, whenever available, can be used for non-mail stuff for a fee.

If your local post office has a copy machine for public use, you can use it for personal projects or non-mail stuff as long as you pay the fee.

If you need a printer for personal projects and inquire at your local post office, they would most likely direct you to the library.

The local library has printers that are available to the public.

For a fee, you can use the printers at the local library to print personal projects such as greeting cards, party invitations, your research paper, or whatever you need to print.

Apart from the local library, here are other places and stores that provide paid photocopying and printing services:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Office Depot or OfficeMax
  • Staples
  • CVS Pharmacy

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Do All USPS Offices Have Copy Machines?

Not all USPS offices have copy machines.

Some post office locations have copy machines that customers can use for a fee.

However, not all locations offer this kind of service. Some offices may have copy machines, but postal workers can only use them.

Before making an unnecessary trip to your local post office to try and use their copy machine, it is always best to call ahead and inquire if they have copies for public use.

Can You Make Photocopies At USPS?

Depending on the post office location, you can make photocopies with their machines.

Some USPS offices have copy machines available for public use for a certain fee, while some have copy machines only for their employees.

It varies from one location to another.

How Much Will USPS Charge For Using The Copy Machine?

While not all USPS offices have a copy machine that anyone can use, those that do allow people to use them for photocopying different documents, even if they are non-mail related.

USPS normally charges its customers 10 or 20 cents per page to use the copy machine.

This is quite a reasonable amount considering how convenient this service is.


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