Is Texting Back Fast Attractive Or A Turn-Off? (Explained)

Even though texting is a great form of communication, it is digital – meaning it may not be as personal as you want it to be.

Sometimes, texting may not convey the right emotion.

Whether you like it or not, people can sometimes get the wrong impression about you just based on how you text.

Here’s What Most People think About Texting Back Fast:

Generally, people think that texting back fast is an attractive trait. It shows that you are dependable. It also shows that you care. According to several surveys, more than 80% think that texting back fast is a turn-on, while only a small percentage think it’s a turn-off.

Do Guys or Girls Normally Text Back Faster?

For most people, texting back faster shows dependability. In the dating world, while in the talking stage, texting back faster generally shows interest.

There’s no real science in determining whether guys or girls text back faster. It depends on who’s texting them.

In general, if a person is busy, they would normally take a long time to text back. Unless, of course, it’s an emergency or about something very important.

However, if they’re talking to someone they’re interested in, you’d expect them to text back fast.

It doesn’t matter if they’re busy with work or something – they will find the time to reply as quickly as possible.

They’d take a long time to respond if they did not like the person texting them. Sometimes they would not even text back at all.

This generally applies to both guys and girls. They would most likely text back fast when talking to someone they like.

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How Long Should You Wait Before Replying to a Text?

There is no real answer to how long you should wait before replying to a text because it really depends on the impression that you want to make.

If you want to show interest, you should reply to a text within a few minutes. Doing this will show the person that you’re interested in them.

It shows that you care about them and that you don’t like keeping them waiting. Plus, texting back fast also keeps the conversation flowing.

If you wait too long to text them back, say over the course of a few hours, they may think you’re not interested in them. In turn, they will lose interest in you and text you less and less.

How Fast is too Fast When Replying to Texts?

In general, replying to texts within seconds is too fast, unless it’s an emergency.

Text messages that are urgent and time-sensitive should be replied to as soon as possible. These messages can be about something important where immediate replies are necessary.

While the idea that there is a “certain time to text back” is based on nothing but everyone’s personal idea about how to date properly, there are some generally held beliefs:

  1. If you want to show interest without appearing too needy or clingy, replying within 30 minutes to an hour is okay.
  2. If you want to show that you’re highly interested in them, then texting back within 5 to 15 minutes is good.
  3. If you want to show someone you’re not interested, it’s okay to take a long time to reply.
    • Make sure that you don’t totally ghost them, though, or that will be considered rude.
    • However, if the person makes you uncomfortable or is rude to you first, you don’t ever have to text them back.

Overall, you should text back whenever you feel like it. There are no real “rules,” and people react differently in conversations.

Don’t assume someone is clingly or doesn’t like you just because of their texting habits.

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8 Texting Habits that Turn Him Off:

Sometimes people say or do things through text messaging that can be considered unattractive or off-putting to other people.

Here are some texting habits that you should avoid because they generally turn guys off:

1. Lengthy Messages and Texting too Often

Guys get turned off when a girl writes too much. This refers to writing long paragraphs in a single text message, which can be quite exhausting to read.

A girl can also turn a guy off by texting too often. This is when a girl keeps bombarding a guy with text messages whenever he doesn’t reply.

2. Being too Demanding

In general, being too demanding over text messaging is a turn-off, not just for guys but anyone. No one likes a bossy person, period.

This also goes with following up too much over texts. Guys don’t like it when you bombard them.

When you’re dating a guy, it already means he’s interested in you. If he takes a long time to reply, it usually means he’s busy or caught up in important stuff like work.

So when he’s not replying immediately, just relax, be patient, and don’t bombard him with texts.

3. Taking a Long Time to Teply

As mentioned earlier, replying fast is considered attractive.

When a girl takes a long time to reply, it can turn the guy off because it could mean she’s not interested in him.

It may cause him to doubt himself or move on to another potential partner. The same is true for women!

No one wants to feel ignored, so if you are taking too long to respond to him, he might move on.

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4. Being too Flirty Over Texts

While flirting over texts is generally desired because it shows interest, being too flirtatious can be a turn-off for guys.

Remember that flirting is okay if the other person consents to it and still feels comfortable with it.

Some men are not as bold as others, and can get embarrassed or nervous when their crush is too flirty.

Checking the other person’s mood is a good way to determine if you are flirting too much or too little.

5. Having too Grammar or Spelling Mistakes

Let’s face it – grammatical mistakes and incorrect spelling over texts can be such an eyesore. No one wants to read them.

It’s okay to make grammar or spelling mistakes every once in a while because nobody’s perfect.

If you always make these mistakes over texts, it can turn him off. After all, sounding dumb over text is never attractive.

6. Using too text Abbreviations and Emojis

Depending on the person you’re talking to, using too many emojis, abbreviations, shorthand, or slang can get annoying or confusing.

Using slang or shorthand can help your crush connect with you, especially if you are of the same age range and social circles.

They are more likely to understand your emojis and enjoy shorthand, but doing it all the time can be frustrating. Emojis are especially frustrating fi you are trying to be more serious and talk about romantic things.

Being too joking or using emojis during a serious, “Where is this going,” or “I want to be exclusive with you,” conversation might turn off your partner.

It might make them think you don’t take them seriously, which can be annoying and frustrating.

7. Too Much Negativity

Being negative or unhappy every time you text someone can be a turn off.

Not only does it bring down the mood of the person who you are texting, but it can sour an otherwise romantic conversation.

Complaining all the time about work, your family, roommates, or other issues that you are having can make someone not want to talk with you. Especially if you are not totally familiar with them yet.

For example, if you just met this person online through a dating app, they are not fully aware of your life or the people in it. That means you’re complaining about people they’ve never heard of in situations they don’t understand.

Furthermore, they expect a flirty or romantic connection with you. They don’t want to try to be your online therapist.

While it is fine to express your concerns once in a while, especially if you’re going through a hard time, it’s probably better not to express those concerns to your romantic partner.

Unless they are your spouse or long-term partner, it’s better to speak to either a best friend, a close relative or perhaps even a therapist about any issues that are going on in your life.

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8. Texting in all Uppercase Letters

Texting uppercase letters convey a sense of urgency that can alarm people.

It is a little bit too “in your face” and can be unpleasant to look at. It also makes the conversation feel like a shouting match rather than a romantic, flirty conversation.

Try not to use all uppercase letters unless there’s an emergency or you are trying to land a joke.

4 Texting Tips for Good Conversation:

There are ways to have easier conversations with someone. Especially if you think that they’re not texting you back because they’re not enjoying your conversations.

Here are four texting tips to think about the next time you contact him:

1. Talk About your Interests

Guys like girls who are passionate about things.

If you talk about the things you are interested in, it will make him more attracted to you.

You might also realize you share the same interests or hobbies with him.

2. Ask About his Interests

It’s not just enough to talk about your interests. You need to ask him about his interests as well.

By asking him about his hobbies, it shows that you want to get to know him better and that you care about the things he likes.

3. Give Each other Space

Even if a guy likes you a lot, he needs space sometimes.

At one point or another, you will also need space, so he will hopefully give you yours!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder so it’s important to get a little bit of space once in a while.

It’s also beneficial for your mental health to not constantly be checking in with another person. Especially if you’re working on something for yourself that takes time, focus and concentration. 

4. Send Photos or Updates

Guys like it when you send them photos or updates about your life. It shows that you’re opening up to them and allowing them to get to know you more.

It can be as simple as sending them a meme you think they’d find funny. Or you can send them a nice view of the sunset.

Or you can even send them a photo of what you’re having for lunch.

Guys like these cute little updates, and if they like you back, they will do the same!


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