How Fast Should A Guy Text You Back? (Explained)

Communication is essential in every relationship, including in-person communication, texting, and calling. The way you communicate with someone can imply different things.

For example, texting back quickly can mean genuine interest or attraction, while taking a long time to respond means he may not be interested.

So, do guys normally reply fast over texts? How fast should a guy text you back?

Here’s How Quickly Guys Normally Text Girls Back:

If a guy is interested, they often text a girl back within 10 to 20 minutes. This is a good response time. Some guys would even respond within 5 minutes if they were interested. Remember that their response time can also depend on whether they are busy.

Is It A Bad Sign if He Doesn’t Text Back Within an Hour?

Not texting back within an hour isn’t essentially a bad sign.

Most of the time, when a guy doesn’t text you back immediately, it means that he’s just busy.

Did you text him in the middle of a weekday? Then he is probably busy with work.

If it’s a weekend, he could be busy visiting family or hanging out with his friends.

He could also be busy running errands, grocery shopping, or doing chores like laundry, car washing, or house cleaning.

He could also have his “me time,” like playing video games, reading a book, watching his favorite Netflix series, working out at the gym, or running.

Some guys also don’t check their phones very often, and some guys may prefer face-to-face time together rather than having conversations through text.

Remember that he will text you if genuinely interested in you, even if it doesn’t happen within an hour.

If he’s interested in you or cares about you, he will text you back. He would also apologize for making you wait and explain why he hasn’t responded.

How Long is “Too Long” for a Guy to Text You Back?

If a guy takes a long time to text you back, it doesn’t immediately mean he’s not interested in you.

As mentioned earlier, it usually means they’re busy when guys don’t text back within 30 minutes to an hour.

Sometimes, guys would get the notification and see the text message, but then they’d forget to reply. So it can even take them a few days before texting back.

In general, a week is too long for anyone to text someone back!

If you’re still in the talking stage or getting-t0-know stage, then it’s okay to wait 2 to 3 days, or maybe even up to a week, to get a response from him.

If a few days have passed, you can send him another message and ask how he’s doing. You might take it as a sign to move on if he still hasn’t replied.

If you’ve been dating for months, texting and seeing each other regularly, and suddenly he stops responding, then it’s okay to call him. Maybe something has happened, and you need to check on him.

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How Fast Do Guys Text Their Friends Back?

There is no set rule for this.

Guys text their friends whenever they want to, and this could be about anything like girls, work, jokes, or plans to hang out. They also reply to their friends’ texts when they’re not busy and whenever they want to.

Of course, they would immediately text their friends if it was an emergency or something important.

In general, a guy’s relationship with his friends is not complicated. Guy friendships are typically low maintenance, even if they’ve known each other for years.

If a guy texts his friend and doesn’t get a response within a few hours, he will not make a big deal out of it. If he doesn’t get a response until after a week, it still wouldn’t be a big deal, either.

Is It Desperate To Send Another Text Before He Responds?

Sometimes when you don’t get a response after a few minutes, it can be tempting to send another text or follow up.

In general, sending another text before he responds can seem desperate or appear a little intense.

Sending a text message and then sending another one when you don’t get a response is called “double texting.”

This can be annoying for anyone, especially when you are still in the talking or getting-to-know stage.

How Do You Know Over Text If A Guy Is Losing Interest?

How a guy communicates with you can indirectly tell you many things.

You can figure out how he feels about you by asking him, but you can review his texts if you don’t want to ask directly.

Here’s what to look out for through texts to know if a guy is losing interest in you:

He Doesn’t Text you as Much

If a guy no longer texts you as frequently as he used to, he may lose interest in you.

If he’d normally text you every day and you’d have these long conversations over text, then it dwindles down to just a few text messages a day, it could mean that he’s losing interest.

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He Always takes Hours to Reply

If a guy takes hours to reply, it could mean he’s busy with work or something important.

This is okay if it only happens every once in a while. This is normal because people with jobs or responsibilities get quite busy every now and then.

However, if this has been happening a lot recently, it could mean that he is starting to lose interest in you.

He is Always “Too Busy”

As mentioned earlier, it’s normal for people to become very busy every once in a while.

It can happen to everyone, including you. If he is always “too busy” to text you, then it means that he could be losing interest in you.

His Replies are Becoming Short

You may find this surprising, but guys can be chatty if they’re talking to their friends or someone they’re interested in.

If a guy is interested in you, he will text you in detail if you ask him something. If he’s losing interest, then he would only send one to two-word replies.

For example, if you ask him how he’s doing, he’d probably text you with, “I’m good. My day has been busy. How are you?” if he likes you.

If he’s losing interest, he’d probably just text back something like, “Good, thx.”

He Stops Sending you Photos or Updates

When a guy likes a girl, he normally sends photos or little updates about his life.

It could be anything – like a photo of a car that he likes, a selfie, a photo of his dog, or even a meme.

He could also send you photos of what he’s doing, whether he’s buying coffee or having lunch. It’s like he’s updating you on what he’s up to. Yes, guys do this for girls that they like.

So if he stops doing this, or if he’s no longer sending photos or updates, he could lose interest in you.

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He Doesn’t Use Pet Names or Nicknames Anymore

Guys have pet names or nicknames for girls that they like.

If he stops using his pet name for you, this clearly indicates that he is starting to lose interest in you.

Now, if you feel your guy’s texting habits have changed, don’t jump to the worst-case scenario immediately. Give him time and space because he may just be going through something.

But it may be time to move on if he hasn’t reached out to you in a week or two.


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