Why Do Guys Text You Daily – And Then Stop? (7 Reasons)

When a guy is interested in a girl, he texts her often. He’d text her frequently, to the point of messaging her daily.

Guys are simple and uncomplicated in this way. You’d know instantly if he likes you because he’s not afraid to show it through his actions.

If he texts you daily, that indicates he’s interested in you.

What does it mean when he suddenly stops texting you? We’ve looked into the most common reasons:

1. His life Suddenly Became Very Busy

If you’re an adult, you know how busy life can get, especially when you have to balance work, hobbies, and spending time with family and friends, among other things.

If he’s texting you daily and then one day, you start not getting a single text from him, then his life could have gotten busier than usual.

He may have been assigned a new project at work, and his tasks have overwhelmingly increased.

He may be rushing to meet crazy deadlines and hasn’t had the chance to catch up with you. Or he may be working extra hours because he’s needed at work or wants to earn more.

In other cases, he may have been visiting family members or spending time with his friends.

If he’s really busy, he may be silent for a few days, which is normal. Just be patient, but you can text him every now and then just to see how he’s doing.

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2. He’s Dealing with Something Difficult

Life happens, and sometimes, we have to go through difficult stuff. It could be a family crisis, an emergency, or a personal problem.

If he suddenly stops texting you, he could be dealing with something difficult or overwhelming, and he doesn’t want his mood to affect you.

Most guys would want some time to themselves when they’re going through something tough because they don’t want to project that onto people they care about, i.e., you, his friends, and family members.

Some guys would even feel depressed to the point where they would stop contacting anyone.

If he hasn’t been reaching out to you in more than a week, then just check in with him. Ask him how he is and tell him you’re there for him if he needs someone to talk to.

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3. He’s Not Ready for Something Serious

Getting into a relationship can be scary for anyone. Guys sometimes have a weird way of showing when they’re not ready for a serious commitment or a deeper level of connection.

He’s texting you every day and has suddenly stopped. Sometimes it’s because he feels like he’s getting increasingly involved and doesn’t feel ready to make that commitment yet.

It means he likes you and sees the potential of the two of you being together, but he’s not emotionally ready to commit.

So he takes a step back and stops texting you.

This could come from a fear of commitment or pain, especially if he has been hurt in his past relationships. It’s something that’s out of his control, and he doesn’t know how to tell you.

In this case, you have two choices. Either you wait for him to be ready or move on with your life.

That’s because you can’t force someone to get into a commitment they’re not ready for. At the same time, you don’t want to waste your time waiting for someone who may or may not ever be ready to commit to you.

4. He’s Done with “The Chase”

While guys are generally uncomplicated, some of them are into games and tricks.

Some of them like a good challenge, and they love the thrill that comes with chasing someone.

If he suddenly becomes silent after weeks of texting you daily, then it could mean that he feels like he’s already got you interested in him and that he doesn’t have to work for it anymore.

He may already be taking you for granted and thinking that you’d be there for him whenever he needs you. He may also just be keeping you as an option.

In this case, just move on because you’re way better off without him.

5. He is Checking your Level of Interest

Guys are used to doing all the chasing and pursuing, but there are times when they want to be chased. It happens when they are always taking the initiative and texting first.

Some guys will want to see if you’re really interested in them by suddenly giving you the silent treatment.

This is a childish tactic, but something that a lot of guys do.

They want to test your level of interest and see if you would reach out to them if they suddenly stop messaging you. Of course, this can seem a bit unhealthy in a relationship.

If this happens, it’s okay to text him first. A simple message to check in on him should do the trick.

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6. He’s Interested in Someone Else

This is another common reason that a guy would suddenly stop texting a girl that he’s been texting daily for weeks.

If he used to text you every day and suddenly stopped, he could already be seeing someone else, or a new girl has piqued his interest, and he’s not decent enough to let you know.

Sometimes, he could even be texting multiple girls daily, and he would suddenly stop texting them when he decided to stick to one.

If this is the case, then you’ve dodged a bullet. You really don’t want to be just an option for someone.

7. He’s No Longer Interested in You

If he suddenly gives you the silent treatment after texting you every day, then it could just mean that he’s no longer interested in you.

Therefore, he doesn’t have the heart to tell you. It could be as simple as that.

No one likes the feeling of rejection, and he probably didn’t want to have to reject you, so he decided to just stop texting you.

Of course, this isn’t a better solution. It shows that he doesn’t have the decency to talk to you properly and let you off the hook.

It might also mean he is too afraid to hurt your feelings.

Sometimes, it can also mean that he’s not interested in you now, but he still sees you as an option in the future, which is why he didn’t break things off properly with you.

If that is the case, it shows bad character on his part.

What To Do When He Suddenly Stops Texting You:

If you don’t know why he stopped texting you, then you can try reaching out to him and asking how he’s doing.

You can also ask why he hasn’t been in contact with you. If he’s busy, he’ll text you back and explain why he hasn’t been texting.

If it’s because he’s dealing with something tough, then he’ll reach out when he’s ready. However, if it’s any of the other reasons, as explained above, he probably won’t respond.

You can text him again a few more times, but if he hasn’t texted back in weeks, then it’s time to move on.

If he does text you after several weeks, then just play it cool. Give him a chance to explain his side, but think it through and see if it would be worth your time to talk to him again.

Know when to walk away and move on.

If he’s the type to play games, which can make you feel bad and question your self-worth, then you’re better off without him.


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