How To Wear Headbands With Glasses? (Explained)

People who wear glasses daily can have a love-hate relationship with them, and while they are needed to see correctly, they can sometimes feel very limiting. This is evident when pairing glasses with certain trends like hairs, bandanas, and even headbands.

The secret to wearing a headband with glasses is to find a headband that limits the amount of pressure on your head.

So, whether you have to wear glasses all the time or only on occasion, here is everything you need to know about how to wear the two together in perfect harmony.

Can You Wear Headbands with Glasses?

While fashion is fun and lighthearted, you still don’t want to feel uncomfortable, especially if you have to wear glasses.

If you want to pair your glasses with a headband, consider how the arms of your glasses sit on your face and what type of material they are made from.

Harder glasses made of plastic tend to have thicker arms, while metal frames are more flexible and thinner when worn around the ears. Depending on your headband, it will either sit or wrap around right where your glasses naturally sit on your ears.

So, to avoid discomfort, try to find a headband that isn’t as tight and sits more loosely on your head. This way, you are not creating extra pressure behind your ears.

Headbands can also work great if you feel like you have a big forehead and it makes you uncomfortable.

Do Headbands Look Good with Glasses?

A trendy autumn style featuring glasses and headbands is the “academic style.” This fashion trend pulls inspiration from old-fashion college professors and prep schools and is the perfect combination of intelligence and beauty.

One of the hottest trends within this style is pairing a bold pair of glasses with a thick-style headband. It is a nod to the classic schoolgirl style that once captivated girls back in the late 90s.

So, not only do glasses and headbands look good when worn together, it is very on-trend for the ever-moving world of fashion.

However, like most things in life, everything is better in moderation. This is especially true when simultaneously combining two accessories, like glasses and headbands. So, to keep the trend fresh, don’t overwhelm your face with too many style choices at once.

The style of glasses you choose is such a personal decision. While some love to showcase their brilliant personalities by wearing bold and colorful glasses, others prefer to keep their glasses more neutral to have an easy color palette to match your style.

So, if you wear bold glasses, try to keep your headbands pretty simple and if you like simple glasses, go a little crazy with your headbands. 

What Headbands are Most Comfortable with Glasses?

It is so important to find the headband that will be more comfortable to wear with what type of glasses you wear.

If you wear plastic glasses, the arms will be fairly thick. If you want to wear a headband with thick plastic glasses, I would suggest sticking with fabric headbands that feature elastic.

An elastic headband is a full-circle-style band that goes around your head. Since it is made with elastic, it will be completely adjustable, especially where it rests on your head.

You want to try to avoid running your headband directly over the area behind your ears since this is where the arm of your glasses will be resting. Avoiding putting extra pressure on this spot will reduce pain and discomfort when they are worn together throughout the day.

If you wear thinner glasses like metal ones, you have a few more options regarding what headband will be more comfortable. This is because metal glasses are much thinner on the arm and bend much easier than plastic ones.

You can bend metal frames slightly without risking them snapping in half like plastic ones will when bent.

Because these frames are more flexible, you can wear most headbands comfortably, including plastic half-moon-style bands. However, you still want to keep the headband fairly thin to wear it comfortably.

The more bulk you put on your head, especially behind your ears when skin is sensitive, the more likely you are to cause some serious discomfort. 

Does Wearing a Headband with Glasses Cause Headaches?

While being fashionable is super important to many people, most of us want to be pain-free no matter what. This is why you may be discouraged to know that wearing a headband with glasses simultaneously can cause some serious headaches. 

A headache like this is called a “compression headache,” creating too much pressure on sensitive parts of your head. Since a headband and eyeglasses meet at the same spot on your head, wearing them together will cause a headache.

So, how can you wear the two and not get debilitating headaches?

The best way to stop getting compression headaches while wearing headbands and glasses is to limit how long you wear them together.

Avoid wearing the two for only a couple of hours a day. If you feel the pressure is building, remove the headband for a little time to allow, blood to flow to those pressure points.

Suppose you are required to wear a headband to keep your hair out of your face for work or sports; try to limit yourself to only wearing loose-fitting headbands.

While they may not be as good at keeping those pesky little hairs in place, they will greatly reduce the amount of pressure you are putting on your head. 

Can You Wear Headbands and Sunglasses?

While most people who wear glasses have to do so to see, there are plenty of incidents of having to wear glasses, not for your health.

If you only have to wear glasses during specific times of the day, as you would with sunglasses, there are fewer chances of creating discomfort. 

So yes, you can wear headbands with sunglasses. However, remember that sunglass frames are often far bulkier than traditional eyeglasses, which means that there will already be a great amount of bulk behind your ears.

In this case, it is recommended that you keep the headband you are planning on wearing with your sunglasses much thinner than others.

This way, you can reduce your risk of getting a compression headache and other common skin irritations when two things are putting pressure on your head at once. 

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