Why do Guys Steal Girlfriends? (Explained & Solved)

If you are trying to find out why guys steal girlfriends, you are in the right place.

Men pursuing women who are taken is a very common issue that many have experienced at some point.

Here’s Why Guys Try to Steal Girlfriends From Other Men:

Guys try to steal other men’s girlfriends because these women are inherently more desirable. They are the forbidden fruit that men know they shouldn’t take, which makes them even more attractive. The act of stealing another man’s girlfriend is exciting and risky, making it more appealing.

1. She is More Desirable:

Men find women who are no longer available particularly attractive.

This makes them unattainable, making winning them all the more rewarding. The man gets an ego boost from gaining her attention, but he also has the satisfaction of knowing that he took her from her boyfriend.

Women in a relationship are also more attractive because men think it shows that someone else desires them.

Being in a relationship is a good indication that they are girlfriend material and have something to offer in a relationship.

This sets them apart from other single women and gives them an added edge that makes them all the more desirable.

2. The Chase is Exciting:

Everyone loves the chase of going after someone who you find attractive, and this is even more true when they are in a relationship.

Men find the chase exciting and are again attracted to the unattainable prize.

The chase is exciting even when the woman is single, but it becomes much more interesting when she is in a relationship.

Many men who have dated often tend to get tired of this kind of chase and look for something more interesting, which often comes in the form of going after someone else’s girlfriend, as this is a more daring move.

The chase is much more exciting and daring when the woman is in a relationship already, making the reward that much sweeter.

3. It Makes Them a Bad Boy:

Most men know that many women like the bad boy that does what he wants to do and gets away with it.

Though this is a cliche, it can sometimes be true in certain situations.

Many men think that becoming the bad boy will instantly make them more attractive and desirable to women and put them in higher esteem amongst other men in their lives.

Men love to get this bad boy label, especially when it comes to pursuing women who are in relationships. They think it makes them a threat to other men and immediately gets more women’s attention.

Though this label is not always looked at as a good thing, many people find it fascinating when a man can take what he wants. Some women find this attractive, which will enhance his masculine “appeal.”

Some men want this kind of power and find that one way to get it is by stealing other men’s girlfriends.

4. They’re in a Relationship Too:

One surprising reason some men steal other men’s girlfriends is that they also have a girlfriend. This can happen if they want to cheat but want the other party to be equally in the wrong.

By cheating on his girlfriend with another guy’s girlfriend, his conscience is cleaner, and he won’t feel as guilty. This is because the woman is equally in the wrong and will also feel guilty for cheating on her boyfriend.

This is a way for him to manipulate the situation to still get what he wants without taking full responsibility.

Cheating with someone else who is also in a relationship also protects him from having her tell his girlfriend. If she did, she would be admitting that she cheated on her boyfriend as well.

This is a less common reason for a man to steal someone else’s girlfriend, but it does happen. Men who want to cheat with a clean conscience will often find a woman who is equally unavailable so that they will both be in the wrong.

5. They Believe it is a Forbidden Romance:

There are instances where a man will become convinced that a woman is either very attracted to him or in love with him, even if she is currently dating someone else and has not shown any signs of attraction.

Some men can become so obsessed over an unavailable woman that they convince themselves that she wants to be stolen from her boyfriend. He thinks she is also secretly in love or attracted to him, and they should be together.

Sometimes, men misread situations or think up excuses in their minds, and the woman has not shown any signs of liking him back.

Convincing himself that the woman is also attracted to him could give him the courage to make advances towards her. In a way, believing this gives him the confidence to try to steal her away even though she is already in a relationship.

6. It is for Revenge:

Some guys will steal other men’s girlfriends out of revenge if they have an issue with each other.

A guy might do this if the other man stole his girlfriend at one point or has a tendency to steal the woman that he is interested in. This can create issues between the two, with the one guy looking for a way to get back at him.

This is a common reason when the two men already know each other, whether they be acquaintances, brothers, or friends. It is very common for men to get revenge by stealing other men’s girlfriends to teach them a lesson.

They may genuinely like the woman or find her attractive, but the driving force behind their actions will be revenge.

This creates a messy situation where the woman is often caught in the middle of two feuding men. This is also where this kind of situation can become violent as it betrays trust and is usually done to hurt the other person.

7. It Boosts Their Ego:

It is a well-known fact that stealing another guy’s girlfriend is a huge ego boost for most men. They think this wins them the ultimate prize and shows off their masculinity and dominance over the other man.

This is considered the ultimate way to lower another man and take away his pride.

This is often done personally if the two men know each other and have some feud going on, but it also happens when the men are complete strangers.

Some men with a particularly fragile ego may strive to take women dating other men. This might be their personal conquest to show that they are the ultimate man and can take women away from their boyfriends.

This usually comes from insecurities or a past where they were rejected harshly or by multiple women. Maybe they even had another man steal their girlfriend or the woman that they were involved with

This kind of man has a delicate ego that he wants to give a boost by taking what isn’t his. It isn’t even really about the woman at all. It is about how stealing her from her boyfriend makes him feel about himself.

8. They Find Her Attractive:

The most common reason a guy may steal a woman from her boyfriend is that he finds her attractive.

Lust is a powerful motivator and can drive many men to take a woman from another man.

Her lack of availability will often add to her overall attractiveness as she is unattainable, though she will usually be physically attractive.

Some men can become obsessed over a certain kind of woman when she is no longer available to them, especially if she is incredibly attractive by his standards.

It is not unusual for a man to find another man’s girlfriend attractive or desirable, but only a few will go after her.

Many men believe that they can’t resist her beauty and will become almost obsessive.

9. They’re in Love With Her:

There are some situations where the guy trying to steal someone else’s girlfriend is actually in love with her.

This is most common when he had known her before she started dating someone else and never confessed his feelings.

Maybe they even dated at some point but broke up, and he never completely got over her. This is quite common and often results in men trying to steal her away from her current boyfriend.

Some men will learn how to let go and move on once an old flame decides to move on, but some only become more focused on her.

Seeing her with someone else could have the opposite effect and make him want her even more.

This can also happen in close friend groups where the man and woman may often interact, which results in him developing feelings for her. It is no secret that many people can develop feelings if they are around someone long enough.

Sometimes they are both in love with each other, or the man is just in love with the woman.

Either way, this can often lead to him trying to steal her from her boyfriend.

Final Thoughts:

There are many reasons why a guy might steal a woman from her boyfriend. It is very dependent on the situation.

This could happen because he’s lusting after her, loves her, or wants to boost his own ego.

Sometimes the feelings are mutual or one-sided.

Every man will have his own reasons that drive his actions, but usually, they will stem from one of these reasons why he might steal someone else’s girlfriend.

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