Why Does He Keep Trying To Impress Me? (7 Common Reasons)

When a guy is constantly trying to impress you, you may wonder why he is acting this way. You may instantly think that he likes you, but there could be more to this behavior.

There are several reasons why a guy might try to impress you, so it is a good idea to look beyond his actions to the root of the behavior:

1. He Feels “Lesser” than You

A guy may try to impress you because he somehow feels below you and inadequate. While it is common for men to feel this way, it is quite a large problem.

Women generally find this kind of behavior very unattractive as it shows a lack of self-confidence in a guy. It is also quite irritating if he constantly goes above and beyond to impress you.

This can become very obnoxious depending on how he goes about it and how persistent he is.

This guy may even become rude and offensive if he feels his efforts go unnoticed or unappreciated. His ego is also very fragile and will not take any form of rejection well.

He will often fail to see that his actions make him unattractive to the women he goes after.

2. He Needs Your Validation

A guy who is always trying to impress you may be looking for validation from you. He most likely has a fragile ego and needs to feel desirable and impressive to the women around him.

He usually lacks confidence in himself and feels like he has to put on a show for the women around him. This fuels his ego and helps him to feel like a better man, even if he doesn’t necessarily impress anyone.

You will easily wound him if he feels like you aren’t taking him seriously or do not appreciate his efforts. He needs your validation and needs women as a whole to be impressed by him.

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3. He Wants You to Find Him Attractive

Many guys might try to impress you because they want you to find them attractive.

Guys often have a very distorted view of what women find attractive and try to impress them in ways they think make them look desirable.

Men and women think very differently, and what a guy finds attractive may not be so attractive to a woman.

He may think that he impresses you when doing just the opposite and making himself less attractive. Wanting to look attractive and not hiding it well is also a great way to look less attractive.

No one wants to be around someone who is trying too hard. It also indicates that he is a little too into himself and is more worried about what you think of him than what he thinks of you.

4. He Enjoys the Recognition

A guy who loves recognition may try to impress you all of the time. This is his way of capturing your attention and getting you to like him more by appearing more desirable.

He may not even have singled you out to get your recognition. Rather, he might require the praise and recognition of everyone around him.

If that’s the case, he will most likely be a spotlight-hogger, looking for any excuse to show off or be praised by his friends and family.

He may also be a little selfish and not consider anyone else’s feelings when he is loud and pushy to get others’ attention.

5. He Isn’t Confident in Himself

This guy may seem confident on the outside, but on the inside lacks confidence.

If he lacks self-confidence, then he probably needs to impress the people around him to fill that void.

Unfortunately, these kinds of me typically turn to women to boost their ego and make them feel better about themselves. It can be very easy to be lured into his web if he is particularly good at pretending to be confident in himself.

He may try to impress you by acting more confident than he is or by appearing desirable. He may put on a good show at first, but eventually, you will see how little confidence he has.

It is natural to have some self-doubt, but these men are often willing to step on others to feel good about themselves.

6. He Finds You Attractive

A guy may be trying to impress you because he finds you attractive. He might want to appear just as attractive to you as you are to him.

Guys often try this tactic when they like a woman and want her to feel the same way or at least want to get her attention.

He may try to impress you with his physical prowess at the gym or buy you things to prove he has wealth. He might try to sound smart or interesting, or he might even go out of his way to introduce you to his friends who are wealthy or interesting.

While it may sound like he is showboating, most people try to put their best foot forward when they are interested in someone romantically or physically.

He wants you to be attracted to him, too, so he will try everything to get your attention.

7. He Has Feelings for You

Just like with the physical attraction to you, an emotional attachment may cause your guy to want to impress you.

He wants to show you he is a good boyfriend or husband, or even just a good friend. This opens up the possibility for you to see him in a positive light.

When we fall head-over-heels for someone, we want them to see only the best parts of us. When we hurt them, we hurt ourselves.

Therefore, showing off and impressing you like this is a great way for him to make you think of him well and maybe even earn your affections.

If he is already your boyfriend or husband, he will want to keep impressing you to remind you why you chose him in the first place.

Ultimately, he is trying to show you that he is great for you. If you don’t mind a little showing-off now and then, let your guy impress you!

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