Are Amazon Packages Delivered At 10-11 PM? (We Checked)

When you place an order on Amazon, the tracking information gives you real-time status updates about your package.

If you check the tracking information on the day that your package is supposed to arrive, you may notice that it says it’s on its way to your house.

So what time can you expect your package to arrive? Will it be delivered at night? How late at night does Amazon deliver?

Here’s How Late You Can Expect Your Amazon Package:

The standard delivery time of Amazon packages is between 8 am and 8 pm every day. However, there may be instances wherein Amazon will deliver as late as 10 pm. This usually happens on weekdays, especially if they have a high volume of packages scheduled for delivery. 

How Late in the Evening Can Amazon Packages Arrive?

Regularly, you can expect your Amazon package to arrive between 8 am and 8 pm, as this is their standard delivery time.

However, there are days when Amazon has to adjust their delivery times and go beyond 8 pm, especially if they have a backlog or are getting a high volume of orders.

Amazon packages can arrive as late as 10 pm if it gets really busy and too many packages are scheduled for delivery on a certain day.

This usually happens during peak shipping seasons like Christmas, Black Friday, or other holidays when many items are on sale.

Rather than putting them off, Amazon drivers would simply adjust their delivery time and make their deliveries after 8 pm to fulfill and complete all orders on time.

Since Amazon delivery drivers know that people may already be asleep by the time they arrive, they would not knock on the door or ring the doorbell. They would simply drop off the package in a secure location and leave quietly.

When they do this, they try to find a spot near the front door that’s hidden from plain sight so that porch pirates or mail thieves won’t target the packages.

If the package requires a signature, then the delivery driver will attempt to contact the recipient before they even make their way to the delivery address.

If there’s no answer, the package will not be delivered that night since the driver assumes that the recipient is unavailable or already asleep.

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How Precise is the Estimated Delivery Time?

To ensure that customers are satisfied with the service, Amazon always strives to deliver packages before the estimated delivery date.

If that’s not possible, then they will try to deliver on the day itself.

With all this information, it’s safe to say that Amazon’s estimated delivery times are almost always precise. If not, the package may arrive earlier than expected.

Whenever you place an order on Amazon, you will get an estimated delivery date and time in the confirmation email.

This delivery date and time are calculated carefully by Amazon while considering different factors that may cause delays.

These factors can include bad weather, road improvements and blockages, and logistics issues, among many others.

So when Amazon gives you an estimated delivery date and time, the actual delivery could happen before this if everything goes smoothly as expected.

If your order is delayed for any reason, you will see a new estimated delivery date and time once you check your package’s tracking information.

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What Exactly Does “Arriving by 10 pm” Mean?

The tracking information on Amazon packages can give you real-time status updates on your order. It will tell you if your package is on the way and if it has been dropped off.

For failed deliveries wherein the package requires a signature, but no one was available to sign, the tracking information will say that there was a failed delivery attempt.

If you check the tracking information on your package and it says “arriving by 10 pm”, your package may be delivered as late as 10 pm.

The Amazon delivery driver may arrive to drop off your package as late as 10 pm.

If your package doesn’t need a signature, the driver can simply drop it off at a safe and secure spot hidden from plain view to preventing it from being stolen.

So if you’re already asleep by 10 pm, you won’t have to worry about the driver ringing your doorbell late at night.

If your package requires your signature, then the driver will contact you first before attempting to deliver your package. If you don’t answer, then they won’t deliver it that night and will delay it for the next day.

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Can Amazon Packages Arrive LATER than 10 pm?

Even though Amazon’s normal delivery time is between 8 am and 8 pm, they would usually adjust it up to 10 pm if there is a huge volume of packages scheduled for delivery.

However, Amazon packages will never arrive later than 10 pm.

Even if there is a backlog of deliveries or it’s very busy, Amazon will still not deliver after 10 pm. They might deliver earlier than 8 am if there are a lot of packages to be delivered, but they will never deliver past 10 pm.

If you are waiting for an Amazon package to arrive and it is already 10 pm, you can expect it to be delivered the next day.

How Often is Tracking Information Updated at Night?

In most cases, Amazon updates tracking information in real-time so customers can see their packages’ most recent status updates.

If your package was delivered at night, you could expect the tracking information to be updated immediately.

As soon as the Amazon delivery driver drops off your package, even if it happens at night, they will update the tracking information.

If you check it, it will show you that your package has been delivered.


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