When Are Amazon Packages Delivered By USPS? (Explained)

As one of the best, if not the best, and most reliable e-commerce companies in the world, one of Amazon’s main goals is to get orders to their customers as quickly as possible.

This is why Amazon partners with several shipping and logistics companies to transport packages from one location to another until it finally reaches the customer’s delivery address.

Now you may be wondering in which scenarios your Amazon package may be delivered by the US Postal Service (USPS), so we’ve checked.

Here’s When USPS Delivers Amazon Packages:

Even though Amazon uses its own logistics solutions, USPS may still deliver some Amazon packages. This happens when it would be faster and more cost-effective to have the packages brought to a local Post Office facility to be delivered by USPS carriers, especially in remote locations. 

Why Doesn’t Amazon Use the Same Carrier All the Time?

Since Amazon is a huge company, it has its own logistics, which takes care of transporting the packages from one facility to another or in between cities and doing the actual deliveries.

However, there are times when it has to outsource the transportation and delivery to other carriers and shipping companies, especially if it means saving more money on resources.

Amazon doesn’t use the same carrier all the time because they aim to deliver the packages as quickly as possible and in the most cost-effective way. The best way to do this is to partner with different carriers.

If using its own logistics meant spending too much on resources, Amazon uses USPS and other carriers for the last mile delivery.

This means that Amazon will transport the packages to a local Post Office or another carrier’s sorting facility, and from there, the packages will be delivered to the customer.

This happens a lot for customers who live in rural locations.

Since it will be too costly for Amazon to use its own vehicles just to deliver a handful of packages in a remote area, they will rely on USPS to deliver these packages to the customers since USPS vehicles are making daily rounds anyway, regardless if they have deliveries or not.

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Can You Check if Retailers on Amazon Use USPS?

When you place an order on Amazon, you may wonder which shipping company or carrier will deliver your order.

Unfortunately, there is no way to check if retailers on Amazon use USPS.

While the shipping option portion will show you how many days it will take for your package to arrive, it won’t show you which carrier will be used to deliver your package.

You may only find out the carrier used once your order is confirmed and Amazon sends you the tracking number in your email.

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Can You Ask Amazon Never to use USPS to Your Address?

Amazon has an existing partnership with USPS to do last-mile deliveries if it means saving more money and getting your package to you as quickly as possible.

You cannot ask Amazon never to use USPS to your address.

While you may be able to choose between regular shipping and expedited shipping when placing an order, there is no option for you to choose the carrier.

When ordering from Amazon third-party sellers, you may be able to send them a message and ask them to use a different carrier, but there’s no guarantee.

Ultimately, Amazon or third-party sellers decide on which carrier to use, and they would often go for the fastest ones with the best rates.

Can You Decide What Carrier to Use With Amazon?

When ordering from Amazon, you won’t be able to decide what carrier to use, as this is always up to Amazon.

Even though you can select faster delivery times, there is no way for you to select a carrier to use. Amazon is unlike eBay, where you can select your preferred carrier to deliver your order.

This is because Amazon partners with several shipping companies, and they will select the one with the lowest rates while ensuring that the package is delivered to you on time.

If it meant saving money on resources like fuel and workforce, Amazon would use another carrier instead of its logistics solutions.

If you’re ordering from a third-party seller on Amazon, you may be able to request for them to use your preferred carrier, but there is no guarantee here.

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Why is Amazon Still Using USPS Despite the Problems?

Some people are wary about ordering from Amazon since it uses USPS to deliver some packages. This is understandable because the US Postal Service wasn’t always very reliable in the past.

A few years ago, there were reported instances wherein packages sent through USPS took a long time to be delivered. There were lots of delays and issues with tracking.

Despite the problems, Amazon still uses USPS because it has proven to be a reliable shipping company in recent years.

Even though there were lots of problems, USPS has improved over the past few years with faster delivery times and more up-to-date tracking.

It has significantly become more reliable, which made it one of the most popular shipping and logistics companies in the U.S.

Since the government owns USPS, it has wider coverage than FedEx and UPS. USPS provides services to all 50 states and other U.S. territories, even in remote areas. USPS definitely will if other companies can’t ship to a certain remote area.

Plus, no company can beat USPS’ shipping rates. With Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, you can get 1-3 days shipping, which other companies offer but for a lower price.


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