Are Diamonds Heavy or Light? (Solved & Explained)

Diamonds are still considered the gemstone of true love and marriage since coming into popularity in the wedding industry in the 1940s.

Because of this, many men and women who would like to wear diamonds wonder if their new ring, bracelet, or necklace is going to be very heavy.

Are diamonds heavy or light?

Diamonds are by no means the heaviest gemstone out there, and they are known to weigh less than most metals such as gold. This is due to their chemical compounds and structural designs. However, fake diamonds usually weigh less or more depending on what they are made of.

Glass, for example, is lighter than a real diamond, while cubic zirconia is going to weigh more.

Exactly How Heavy are Diamonds?

There isn’t an exact number for how heavy a diamond is because almost all diamonds are going to be different sizes, shapes, or styles.

Furthermore, a diamond set into a silver or gold ring is going to be heavier than a diamond without a ring attached.

Therefore, it is important to find out how many carats your diamond is and start from there. The larger the carat size of your diamond, the heavier it is going to be.

Otherwise, it is impossible to say “how heavy a diamond actually is.”

Finally, any diamond you receive is usually going to weigh less than metals like gold, so your diamond is probably not what’s weighing you down.

Are Lab Diamonds Lighter than Real Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds cannot be distinguished from a real diamond based on weight alone.

However, lab-grown diamonds do not get very big, as they are being formed by powerful machinery and intricate requirements under intense pressure and demand. Some real diamonds, on the other hand, can get very, very big.

It has been said that lab-grown diamonds are usually not much bigger than 20 carats, but real diamonds have been known to be found much larger than that – these large diamonds are later reworked or shaved down to fit a specific shape, size, or style.

Are Diamonds Heavier than Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is actually going to be heavier than a real diamond.

This is one of the ways that professionals test the quality or the legitimacy of a diamond that is brought to them.

If your diamond is actually cubic zirconia, it will weigh more than a diamond of a similar size.

Can You Tell if a Diamond is Real by its Weight?

Professionals can use the weight of a diamond to tell whether or not it is merely glass, cubic zirconia, or some other polished gem or material.

As we’ve discussed earlier, two similar-looking gemstones can have totally different weights depending on what they are made of.

It is because of this that professionals work very hard to maintain an idea of the structure, weight, shine, and makeup of a real diamond.

What’s the Best Way to Tell Whether a Diamond is Real?

There are many different tests that have been devised for an at-home examination of a diamond.

If, say, you had been left a diamond as an heirloom, you would want to make sure you know if it is real or not.

Otherwise, many individuals will take their diamonds to professionals for a check – this can, however, cost money.

Here are a few ways to check for yourself if your diamond is real or not:

The Rainbow Test

While we all like to think that diamonds are flawless, magical stones, they are pretty colorless under direct sunlight.

The rainbow test is used to tell whether or not your diamond is real or fake by shining light straight down through the top of the diamond and check for light reflections on a surface or shining back up at you.

Rainbow reflections mean that your diamond is either low-quality or fake.

If, however, your diamond reflects white and grey shine or sparkles onto the surface of a table or shining back up at you, it is most likely real.

This one is difficult to always get right, so if you are still unsure, try these other tests!

The Scratch Test

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth.

Even drill bits for construction or for welding have options for “diamond-tipped” tools. These are used to cut through difficult surfaces without destroying the material you are using to do it.

Therefore, at-home diamond testers are prone to drag their diamond along a glass surface to see if it makes a cut.

This, however, is not one of the better tests, as many gemstones are tough enough to scratch the glass (making it difficult to know for sure if your diamond is real), and you can cause damage to whatever diamond or gemstone you use for this test.

Diamonds are strong, but they are brittle, too. This means that if you mess with your diamond the wrong way, you have a chance to chip it.

The Weight Test

As we’ve mentioned a few times, diamonds are lighter than cubic zirconia and are also heavier than glass.

The weight test is usually done by professionals who have another diamond of similar size and shape to compare it to on a weighted scale. 

If you don’t have a second diamond that you trust to be real, this test can be difficult to do on your own.

The Fog Test

Many people try the “fog test” at home, which often has mixed results.

A person will raise a diamond up to their mouth and breath on it, as though you were trying to fog up a mirror or window. If the fog disperses quickly and doesn’t stick, your diamond is considered real.

This is a hard one to guarantee, as other gemstones may have similar dispersion properties for condensation and fog.

However, most believe that a fake diamond will collect the fog, and it will be hard to get rid of, while a real diamond will disperse your condensation immediately.

Final Results?

At-home testing is not always foolproof – especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

If you are still unsure, consider taking your diamonds to a professional and get them appraised.

However, if you aren’t too concerned with the legitimacy of your diamond, and just like the way that it looks, don’t sweat the small stuff!

Are Diamonds Heavier than GOLD?

Diamond weight is measured in “carats” while gold quality is measured in “karats.”

This simple distinction between “c” and “k” when it comes to determining the weight and quality between diamond and gold has been confused by many people who aren’t aware of this difference.

Because of this, we have to dig a little deeper into explaining the weight of gold vs. diamonds.

How to Measure Diamond and Gold:

A 2-carat diamond is going to weigh 400 milligrams because each “carat” in relation to diamonds is considered to weigh 200 milligrams.

However, gold is only considered to be pure when it is made up of 24 karats. The weight of this is categorized in a “Troy oz,” which is used to measure precious metals.

Therefore, an example of a 24 karat gold coin will weigh 1.091 Troy oz.

In milligrams, that 1.091 Troy oz gold coin is going to weigh ~34,000 milligrams.

Which is Heavier?

Based on this information, it is clear that a gold coin is going to weigh much more than a diamond, which is smaller and far less dense.

To reach the same density of that gold coin, your diamond would have to be close to 170 carats, which is an unheard-of number for a diamond!

It is hard to pinpoint exactly how much a piece of gold will weigh in contrast to a diamond shard that is similar in size and shape without being able to weigh them accurately.

However, it is conceivable to say that diamonds weigh far less than gold.

Are Diamonds Heavier than GLASS?

Two diamond earrings, one real and one glass that is roughly 5cm, are going to weigh different amounts.

It is widely accepted that glass diamonds weigh less than gold and often sink to the bottom of a glass of water slower than a real diamond, which has a higher density.

Unlike gold, though, it is hard to measure in exact numbers the difference in weight between glass and diamond without having the two materials present.

Are Diamonds Heavier than Moissanite?

According to, “A 6.5 mm round brilliant natural diamond would have a carat weight of 1.0. Moissanite of the same dimension (6.5mm) would have a carat weight of 0.88.”

This means that moissanite is going to weigh a little bit less than a real diamond, which will have more density.

This is a great way to tell if a diamond is real or fake.


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