Does Walmart Ask For ID & Receipts When Returning Items? [solved]

Not all purchases are what we expect them to be, and returns are a really common occurrence.

However, not all return policies are the same at every store. It is important to know the rules of returning an item so that you and the employee can have a smooth transaction.

Does Walmart Ask For ID & Receipts When Returning Items?

Walmart requires a receipt when you try to return an item to its store within 90 days of the purchase date. If you have lost the receipt, some locations and departments will allow you to use your photo ID and will ask for the card you used to purchase the item.

Remember, almost all items are not able to be returned after 90 days.

What’s the Return Policy Regarding ID at Walmart?

If you have lost your receipt upon returning an item, there are some other options.

Some locations and departments will allow you to use your photo ID in order to return items without a receipt.

This is not always the case at all locations, so make sure that you are asking politely if they will make that exception.

You must make sure your ID is still valid and legitimate, and you can’t use someone else’s ID instead of your own.

Walmart may also scan your receipt.

Do You Need to Have the Receipt to Return Items?

Most often, having the receipt when you return an item is the easiest way to return an item without issues.

If you don’t have your receipt, it is more difficult for a cashier to know whether or not your item was purchased within 90 days, or even if it was purchased in that store.

There are many ways that people try to scam on their returns, so make sure you keep the receipt until you are sure that you want to keep the item.

It is highly recommended that you have the receipt, especially if there is more than one item on the receipt that you are trying to return.

A good way to know that you have the electronic receipt is to scan it and send it to your secondary email address with yourself CC.

Can You Return Items at Walmart Without Showing ID?

You can return items at Walmart with the receipt without a photo ID.

The Walmart return policy does not specifically state that a photo ID is required in order to return an item.

Instead, they require that you need to have your receipt and that the item is still within the 90-day purchase requirement.

This means that you should always start with a receipt.

Does it Have to Be a Photo ID?

If you don’t have your receipt, you will need a photo ID in order to return an item.

It is difficult to ensure that the item you return was bought at a Walmart location or within 90 days without the receipt, so a photo ID holds you accountable in the event that you attempt to scam the store.

Your ID must be valid, and you have to ensure that it is your ID and not someone else’s that you use to make a return.

If your local location doesn’t allow photo ID’s instead of a receipt, you may not be able to make a return.

Can You Return Items at Walmart with Expired ID?

Your photo ID must be valid.

A driver’s license or photo ID is considered invalid if it has expired or has not been renewed within the requested dates on your ID.

If you attempt to return an item to a Walmart location with an expired ID, you will be rejected.

Even if you are not trying to return an item, you should still always make sure that your ID is valid and up to date. If not, you could run into a lot of trouble later.

Is There a Max Number of Items You can Return Without a Receipt?

There is no specified max amount of items that you can return all at once on a visit to Walmart.

However, even if there is not a maximum amount, all items must have a corresponding receipt in order to be returned. If you don’t have a receipt, your return could be rejected.

It is much harder to return multiple items without a receipt, even with a photo ID.

If you are unsure of your local store’s policies on the subject, call ahead and ask their customer service desk about the situation.

Returning Items Online

If you are trying to return items online, you will need your account information to do so.

As a receipt, having the proper account information at login is the only way to get your items returned properly. You will have to fill out some information and mail your items back into the same box or a similar one where all items fit.

Walmart will send you a shipping label in order to allow you to send your items back quickly and without issue.

Multiple Online Item Returns:

If you are sending back multiple items, you need to make sure that they all fit into one package for shipment.

Walmart will send you only one shipping label per order. If you ordered, say, five different items in one go, Walmart will only provide a return shipping label for those five items.

You will also need to specify which items you would like to return.

If, however, you absolutely can’t fit all your items into one box (such as large items that came to you in multiple boxes), you can notify Walmart through your account online, and they will be able to send you a second label if your items and order qualifies.


Walmart Return Policy

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