Why Does Walmart Check (And Scan) My Receipt? [Solved]

Almost all stores that require a receipt to return an item or when leaving a store is to discern a proof of purchase.

Receipts were created to prove that you have bought whatever it is that you are carrying or trying to return. If receipts did not exist, it would be impossible to tell if you were telling the truth about that item.

That being said, most major corporations require a receipt upon proof of purchase, while some family-owned stores or restaurants will ask you, “would you like your receipt?”.

Why does Walmart check and scan my receipt?

Walmart checks your receipt for a few reasons. If you have purchased something and your bag beeps on the way out of the store, they want to make sure you didn’t steal something. If you are returning, they will require a receipt to scan and make sure that you purchased it before.

Why Does Walmart Scan Your Receipt When You Leave?

Receipt checks are not required.

If you are leaving the store after purchasing an item and the sensors at the door beep at you, there is a chance that something wasn’t scanned and paid for in your bag.

Therefore, Walmart employees are required to check your back and receipt, possibly scanning the receipt as well.

This is not to suggest that you have stolen anything, and in fact, not all Walmart locations will scan you on your way out.

Usually, scanning your receipt is only required from the event of a sensor going off, and sometimes it is a simple explanation of something forgetting to be scanned by a Walmart cashier or during self-checkout.

Therefore, it is best to let Walmart employees do their due diligence and to remain cooperative and cordial to them on your way out. Walmart will also ask for ID sometimes.

Does Walmart Not Trust the Customers?

Walmart is one of the largest companies in the world, with billions of dollars in revenue made each year.

A theft from one of their stores is not only common, but it most likely doesn’t even make a dent in their economic bottom line.

However, to the manager of one store, a stolen item can be a big deal.

Walmart doesn’t necessarily trust or distrust their customers, but it is important for employees to do their due diligence in the event of potential theft. To ignore a theft or to skip a step – like scanning your receipt – could get that employee fired.

So remember, it isn’t about you, and if you haven’t stolen anything, there’s nothing to worry about!

These are simply the rules of the store and what an employee has to do. Remain kind and simply continue on your way after the process.

Did Walmart Have Theft Problems Before they Started Checking Receipts?

Any major corporation is going to have theft problems.

With over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, there are bound to be thefts. This means that preventing them is one of the top priorities of managers and security teams at their locations.

This means that making sure customers have receipts is a huge part of their mission each and every day.

Most often, they will recommend that you always have a receipt after purchase, even if you leave it in the machine or toss it in the trash.

This will let them know who is telling the truth and who might be stealing from their store.

Remember, just because they want to check your bag doesn’t mean they think you stole anything, and remaining cooperative is important.

If you are feeling targeted by Walmart for any reason (race, gender, sexuality, etc.), you do have the legal right to refuse being scanned by them when leaving the store and to continue on your way.

Having the receipt electronically can actually be a really good thing if you bought expensive items such as products from Louis Vuitton & Gucci at Walmart!

Do You Legally Have to Show Your Receipt When You Leave Walmart?

It is not legally required to show your receipt on your way out the door, but if you are stopped, and you haven’t stolen anything, remain cordial and cooperative.

Again, Walmart employees are just doing their jobs, and the process is a very fast one. The greeter you get scanned by is usually a part-time worker, and sometimes they are elderly.

To refuse to be scanned by them makes their day a little harder, and while you can walk away, politely decline rather than become upset.

So, no, you are not legally required to stay and be scanned, but unless you are in a very big hurry, refusing is usually taxing on the employee trying to do their job.

What Happens if You Lose the Receipt Inside Walmart?

If you lose your receipt inside of Walmart and are being stopped for a scan, there are things that you can do in order to prove you purchased your items.

While the process can be a lengthy one, Walmart allows you to get a copy of your receipt using the debit or credit card used through their online Walmart Receipt Lookup service.

This will allow you to use electronic information and gain your receipt info quickly and accurately.

If that doesn’t work, other sites have claimed Walmart has an Electronic Payments Hotline you can call to receive a copy of your lost or forgotten receipt.

However, this hotline is not listed on the Walmart site.

Finally, make it clear to the manager of the store that you did purchase your items and return to the person who checked you out to verify your identity with them.


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