Do Guys Fall In Love After Kissing? (Explained)

Growing up, the only examples we had about what it was like to fall in love was in the movies we watched.

A guy and a girl kiss, and then there are fireworks! Is it realistic to believe that one kiss can make someone fall in love?

Here’s Why Someone Falls in Love with a Kiss:

The first thing to remember is that love is subjective and personal. So, it isn’t hard to believe that someone can feel those strong emotions tied to love with just a kiss. There absolutely can be a spark that makes those chemicals in your brain create an attachment to the other person.

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How Guys Fall In Love After Kissing:

Kissing is such an important part of being in a relationship. It is the best way for two people to step outside of their comfort zone and connect on a physical level.

That first kiss is so special that it can almost feel like magic. Did you know that there is some serious science behind that kiss when it comes to falling in love?

Many say the first kiss is the first make-it-or-break moment in any relationship. If you’ve made it that far, you are already invested in taking that relationship further.

Does this mean a guy will fall in love after kissing you? Absolutely!

There is plenty of science to explain this very phenomenon.

Physical connections like kissing, hugging, and even holding hands release dopamine into your body which is a natural mood and energy booster.

This sudden rush of hormones explains the spark that some people feel when their lips connect. While most women can get that dopamine boost with an intellectual connection, most men need that physical touch to get them to run wild.

So, it isn’t crazy to think that guys can fall in love after the first kiss. However, falling in love and saying you love someone are two different things.

After all, men are more complicated than we give them credit for. Getting them to open up about the love they feel is harder than getting that first kiss.

Is Kissing As Important to Guys As it is To Girls?

You may be surprised to learn that kissing, especially the first, is just as important to guys! This is because kissing is an important way to feel a connection and strengthen that emotional connection.

It may also start with hickeys. Guys love giving hickeys (here’s why).

A common misconception in society is that men don’t need to feel safe and loved the same way a woman would.  However, everyone in a relationship wants that connection, and having a great kiss is the first indicator that the connection is strong enough to last.

One thing that is not often discussed regarding men and kissing is how their brains react. When a guy kisses a girl, and there are fireworks, the hormones released in his brain will force him to become a strong partner.

This is because the sudden flow of Oxytocin, which is often called the “love hormone,” forces him to make a connection with you. More than this, studies show that this release of hormones will push him to commit to just you.

In other words, kissing is important to a guy because if the kiss is good, he will want to stay monogamous with you. This release of hormones can feel like a high in his body and mind, and he will constantly be chasing that high with you until the end.  

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Do Guys Fall In Love From Just Kissing Alone?

Having a great kiss not only will bring the two of you closer together but will also make the attraction deeper than it was before.

After kissing, most men say they feel more attracted to the girl than before the kiss.  Attraction is the first sign of love between the two of you.

So, do guys fall in love from just the kiss, or is there more to it? While the kiss can start the love spark, plenty more goes into wanting to commit your life to the other person fully.

Kissing is just the first step to love, and there are plenty of other milestones that a man is looking for. Along with attraction, men are also drawn to similarities. Shared interests are important to a guy because they want you to get excited about the things they like.

Men also need to know they are safe in the relationship. Perhaps the biggest roadblock in the way to love for a guy is that he doesn’t know if he can trust you with his heart yet.

Men are so cautious about using the word love because of all the responsibility that comes with it. Men are looking for sustainable love, especially if they have some trauma from a previous relationship!

Once all the pieces fall in place after that first amazing kiss, you will be well on your way to a fully committed and loving relationship where there is respect and that important spark of physical attraction.  

Can Guys Fall In Love Without Kisses?

While physical touch has a lot to do with making a strong connection from love, you don’t always need to be physical to fall in love.

The digital age has not only made it easier for people to date and find that special someone, but it also has made it easier to be in a relationship.

This is especially true for those who are solely dating online. Long-distance relationships are not what they used to be.

With cell phones, video messaging, and other connective technology, you can be in a long-distance relationship without feeling any strain. People fall in love online all the time!

While most people love physical touch, it isn’t necessary for falling in love. Most people will tell you that the number one thing they look for in a partner is personality.

While it might just be a catchy pick-up line for some, there is some absolute truth behind it.

We all need that intellectual connection to fall in love, and it is that simple. We need someone who will not only spark our imagination with the conversation but someone who can also check those boxes we need when it comes to personality.

After all, kissing can be taught, and a bad kisser doesn’t always be the relationship will be bad. However, teaching someone how to have a personality is a lot more work than most people want to put in.  

How Does Kissing Affect Falling In Love?

Kissing affects how we fall in love because that is usually the first physical connection new daters will have.

Once we understand that we want to love and maybe even need it, it is easier to be more open to it. I am one of those girls who can easily fall in love with a kiss.

I think that a great kiss is an indicator that the relationship has roots, and without roots, you can’t expect your love to grow!

People look for certain partners, and the first kiss can tell them a lot about the person. For example, soft and shy kissers might be timider in a relationship, while more aggressive kissers can be bolder and wilder.

It all comes down to the hormones and chemicals released in your brain when lips meet. So, listen to that little rush of emotions. It can be quite telling when it comes to knowing whether or not you are falling in love.

What Are Some Signs that He Has Fallen in Love After Kissing?

Here are a few signs that your first kiss went really well:

He Can’t Stop Thinking About You

A big sign of a guy falling in love with you after you kiss is if they can’t seem to get you out of their mind.

Constantly thinking about someone is more than just a crush. It means that your brain has made an intense connection with that person, which can quickly grow into love. You may know that he often thinks of you by how he communicates with you.

Does he text you often? Are you getting nightly calls?

Any communication, big or small, tells you directly that you are on his mind, which is a good thing.

He’s Planning for the Future

One big clue that you are heading in the direction of love after a kiss is if he starts to make plans for your future.

Whether that means a week into the future or the rest of your lives, if he is making plans with you, he wants you to stick around.

He Shows Increasing Affection

Another strong indicator that love is on the horizon is if he is increasing his affection towards you.

Affection is very general and doesn’t always necessarily mean physical.

It could be little things like sending you flowers, making your favorite meal or even putting on your favorite movie for the perfect date night. These little details are the best way to know exactly how he feels.

After all, someone who isn’t making a connection with you that is leading in love won’t put in the same effect when it comes to making you happy.

Relationships and falling in love have to be mutual, so if you are feeling the same love spark, show it to him as well. I believe that these small actions speak volumes when it comes to love.

Can Kisses Make or Break a Relationship?

Many studies have been done on how kissing affects us and our brains.

More than that, some even say that the way you kiss can be very telling. Everything about how you kiss to how you hold your head is under investigation.

People who kiss with closed eyes tend to be more trusting and look for that fairytale love. While people who kiss with their eyes closed are a little more guarded and curious about where the relationship is going.

Studies show that passionate and intimate kissing is a big indicator that a relationship will last because without that passion, what else is there? I believe passion is the gateway to love; without it, what else is there?

So yes, kissing can make a relationship and even break it. If you find a guy you are falling for, and he is lacking when it comes to kissing, be open with him!

Tell him what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t. If he has the affection for you that will lead to love, he will do what it takes to make kissing work well.

So, don’t give up!

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