Do Guys Really Prefer Skinny Girls? (Explained & Solved)

If you are worried about whether or not guys prefer skinny girls, you are in the right place for answers, which is a common question amongst women, especially those who do not consider themselves skinny.

Do Guys Really Prefer Skinny Girls Over Other Girls

Men generally prefer women that are relatively skinny but still have their feminine curves where it counts. Men do not necessarily want a woman who is supermodel skinny, but they tend to go for women on the skinnier side of the spectrum.

How Much Does Weight Really Matter to Guys?

How much weight matters to guys will depend solely on the guy. It is the same for women; some women find their partner’s weight very important, while others do not.

Every man will have a different opinion. Men have their preferences and consider different things attractive.

Some men who are very focused on weight may link weight to overall attractiveness. Some may think that thinner women are more attractive, while some men might think bigger women are more attractive.

Sometimes culture plays a role in this. Societal beauty standards are aimed toward skinny women, so dating a skinny woman is considered the “right” choice. Therefore, many men prefer thin women with an hourglass shape over larger, curvier women.

What Exactly is Considered “Skinny” Today?

There is generally no way of defining exactly what “skinny” means by today’s standards. This is a relative term that is used differently by everyone.

You may look at a woman and think she is skinny, but she may be the largest woman in her family. She may consider herself overweight, but her friends might consider her average-sized.

There are only a few defining ways of figuring out a person’s weight: underweight, healthy weight, overweight, and obese. “Skinny” doesn’t have a clinical term to help us know its appearance.

Yet even terms like “overweight” and “obese” are not always agreed upon in the medical community. Women who are born very tall might present as thin or average-sized but be considered “overweight” depending on the number of pounds they weigh.

Does that actually make them overweight? Or are they healthy for their height?

By today’s social media and social standards, “skinny” is defined as a thin woman who has minimal fat on her body. She isn’t underweight specifically but tends to be exceptionally lean.

Today’s view of skinny women caters more toward women blessed with exceptional genetics and who are naturally skinny. They still maintain a feminine shape but have very little fat on their body.

What are the First Things Guys Look for in Girls?

Most people will look for a person’s potential attractiveness right off the bat.

It is instinctual for people to first focus on a person’s exterior to judge their attractiveness. This does not necessarily mean that the man is judgmental or lacks depth.

Men are much more visual than women typically are and have a heavy focus on appearance. This is usually the first thing they will notice in a woman to determine if they want to pursue her.

Many men also look for a woman with beautiful eyes or a full smile. Some will focus only on weight or hair color.

Men are also instinctively attracted to healthy-looking skin and hair and may even look at the woman’s height. Some men prefer tall women with long legs, while others prefer short women.

What a guy will first notice in a girl will be completely dependent on his preferences. We all have preferences, and these are typically things we first look for in others.

Do Guys Generally Care More for Looks or Personality?

Women commonly believe that most guys only prefer looks and are not as attracted to personality. While this may be true for some men, not all men deserve to be lumped into this category.

There are still plenty of men out there that also care about personality and prefer personality instead of looks.

Men who do not hold much respect for women or who do not intend to create lasting relationships care more about outward attractiveness. They are not looking for commitment; they want a beautiful woman to admire and be admired by.

These kinds of men are usually pretty easy to spot and should be avoided if you look for something deeper.

However, most men are looking for a bit more and take personality into account more than they do outward attractiveness. Those looking for a long-term commitment will know that beauty fades and physical attraction does not always last.

Though it is important to be attractive to each other, these men understand that a woman’s personality is her best feature. This will not fade over time and will generally become more beautiful as physical beauty fades.

These men will also have the maturity to understand that weight doesn’t matter in a healthy relationship.

How Can I Know if My Weight is an Issue for Him?

He may try to hide the fact that your weight bothers him, but it will often show itself in small ways, especially over a long time.

This is often apparent if he always encourages you to lose weight and get fit.

If he comments about your weight or how your body looks, this is a bad sign that he is trying to pressure you to lose weight. He may even avoid being intimate with you or avoid looking at your body.

This may be minimal at first, but it will usually grow into more outright hurtful comments and snide remarks. He may even begin to threaten to leave you if you do not lose the weight.

Partners like this can be very harmful to a person’s mental health. If you are experiencing situations like this with your partner, reach out to someone you think can help you or give you a fresh perspective.

No one should make you feel bad about yourself for any reason.

How Do I Find a Guy Who Doesn’t Care About My Weight?

Avoid going for men who are all about looks. These men may be attractive and magnetic, but they are bad news for your self-esteem.

These men will only make you feel bad about yourself and leave you feeling unattractive and unlovable.

Look for men who want a true connection and commitment. These men will not care about your weight when they meet you or if you gain weight later.

They will fall in love with you as a person and not just with your body.

They may seem hard to find, but there are plenty out there if you take the time to look.

Should I Discuss Weight With a Guy?

Weight is a tricky topic, especially if you do not know a person’s stance on it.

If weight bothers you, it is worth bringing up to a man you may be considering as a potential partner. This can be a good way of clearing the air.

If weight is something you struggle with, why not tell them about it? Let them know a little bit about how this affects you and how your weight may change at certain points.

If he cares about you, your weight will not matter, and he will say as much. Even if he does not mean it, you will normally be able to tell by his reaction and wording.

This can be a great way to avoid relationships where the guy will not be able to accept you if you gain any weight. It can also help him understand that weight is a sore point with you, and he should consider that.

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