IKEA & Installation: Kitchen, Closets, Flooring, Blinds, Etc.

From minor details to designing entire rooms, IKEA has something to fit all of your home needs.

You can get almost everything for your house, but how does designing an entire room work with IKEA’s DIY flat-pack ethos?

IKEA has Two Installation Services:

The first way to get your kitchen redone is with authorized third-party providers IKEA hires for their kitchen needs.

For other installation services, IKEA leverages the power of the gig economy through its partnership with TaskRabbit.

Does IKEA install KITCHENS?

Many customers save money going with IKEA over a big box store like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

The Scandinavian giant offers multiple ways for you to design your new kitchen, from self-planning software or one-on-one appointments (in-store or virtual) to assisting with planning. They also provide guides for measuring the area you’re looking for to ensure that everything you get will fit your space.

You’ll need to choose, purchase, and pick up your items. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things in an IKEA on a regular day, but going to pick up an entire room’s worth of items is no small task.

You’ll need to ensure ample space in your vehicle (or rent a moving truck) and enlist enough people to help you load things in and out. And if you’re intimidated by all of that, imagine how you’ll feel when you unpack it all and have to start mounting things on the wall.

IKEA designs everything so that an enterprising DIYer could conquer the world with an Allen wrench. Still, they also offer installation services, especially on whole rooms or items that aren’t simply plug-and-play.

IKEA dedicated quite a bit of capital to purchase the kitchen installation company Traemand in 2020.

What Is Traemand?

Traemand is a US-based kitchen installation company that offers start-to-finish kitchen help.

They can come to your home and help with measurement, give planning advice, and complete the installation.

According to IKEA’s press release, this acquisition was “an important step as IKEA US continues to accelerate its retail transformation, ensuring the shopping experience is accessible and affordable for customers, whenever and however they choose to shop.”

While it’s a US-based company, Traemand currently works with IKEA customers in the US, Canada, and the UK. They service most metro areas in these countries, and IKEA backs their work with a five-year warranty.

Regional Partners

IKEA works with regional partners for those who don’t live in areas covered by Traemand.

These partners are professional contractors who work with IKEA, and any work done by those partners is covered under IKEA’s installation warranty.

This greatly expands the coverage area and provides a vast network that IKEA customers can trust.


It might be easy to be most worried about cabinet hanging when building a new kitchen.

Hanging those units perfectly level might be a daunting task to prompt buyers to get installation help. It’s easy to underestimate other aspects of a kitchen build.

If you’re looking to replace your countertops, IKEA will install them for you and ensure that they’re correctly fitted and that the spaces for your appliances are accurate.


Speaking of appliances, you’ll likely have some upgrades to things like your dishwasher, fridge, freezer, oven, and microwave when you remodel your kitchen.

Since IKEA sells all of those appliances and more, the pros can also get those installed for you when you’re getting everything else put in.

IKEA offers dishwashers in various sizes and finishes. It is critical to make sure that they fit perfectly into the space you’re updating and designing. A professional install can ensure no unsightly gaps and that your electrical and water hook-ups are up to code.

IKEA’s Installation Cost

Once you’re ready to get your kitchen installed, IKEA will provide you with an itemized quote that includes your installation total, and they’ll walk you through the cost beforehand.

If you’re more confident in one aspect than others, you can have certain things installed and do other things yourself.

However, some general prices are listed on IKEA’s website, stating that hanging cabinets begin at $99 a cabinet.

Does IKEA install FLOORING?

You’ll likely replace your floors if you’re doing a top-to-bottom remodel.

IKEA professionals will lay down the new flooring for you, including putting down the underfloor and skirting boards or molding.

What about my Old Kitchen? 

Out with the old, in with the new, right? But what exactly are homeowners supposed to do with their old kitchen cabinets, counters, and appliances?

Luckily, IKEA’s installers will haul away anything you need, including the flooring.

Does IKEA install BATHROOMS?

Another place where you may find yourself in need of new cabinets and sinks in the bathroom.

IKEA can make your powder room plush, but if you’re unsure about putting it all together yourself, IKEA has slightly different options to get the help you need for your bathroom installation.


On IKEA’s website, they provide information about a partnership with a company called TaskRabbit.

This service provides a network of independent workers (Taskers) who frequently work with IKEA products.

They’ll be able to get you scheduled with a Tasker who is proficient at installing whatever parts of your bathroom that you need help with.

They offer appointments from the next day to two weeks in advance through their app.


However, IKEA pride itself on being accessible and providing guides for self-installation.

Although they’ve made strides with their guides to make them as streamlined as possible, sometimes the sparse and minimalist instructions can be confusing. However, there are plenty of resources on YouTube to help with self-installation, as well.

Some are official IKEA videos, but others are provided by other DIYers who put together these pieces.

Does IKEA install LIGHTING?

Again, for your lighting needs, IKEA offers instructional guides and plenty of ways to do it yourself.

Be sure to get the correct lightbulbs if you’re buying lighting from IKEA, and again, if you want additional help bringing light into your life, hire a Tasker from TaskRabbit.

Does IKEA install BLINDS?

After bringing those lights into your life, you might need to hang some curtains or blinds to block the light out when you want.

Hanging curtains and blinds correctly can elevate a room, and a TaskRabbit professional can pay proper attention to those details.

Does IKEA install CLOSETS?

There would be nothing worse than planning to have an Instagram-worthy closet but having some mismeasurement issue that leaves your organization’s solution crooked.

TaskRabbit Taskers can make sure that Marie Kondo finds joy in all aspects of your wardrobe.

Does IKEA install FURNITURE?

There is something special about putting furniture together yourself, but some of IKEA’s pieces are incredibly complicated and heavy.

Not only that, but when you walk around an IKEA store, you’ll see rolling advertisements recommending that heavy pieces of furniture are appropriately secured to the wall.

This is a safety issue, and IKEA has been active in preventing childhood injuries and deaths from furniture tipping over onto small children.

To ensure that the furniture is put together correctly and securely, a Tasker from TaskRabbit will ensure that you and your family are satisfied and safe.

TaskRabbit Cost:

Since you’re networking with independent contractors, they will all set their rates.

However, most will provide an hourly rate between $18 to $28 an hour and an estimated completion time for the installation.

IKEA is a global company worth $18 billion, and the company has come a long way since it was founded by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad (the namesake of INGKA Holding, which owns IKEA).

It is a cost-efficient, do-it-yourself paradise complete with a food court, but it’s essential to know that IKEA is competitive in other markets. Instead of missing out on business from customers who don’t want to DIY, they expanded their services.

Whether through Traemand, regional partners, or Taskers on TaskRabbit, having a network of installation professionals will only help IKEA reach more customers.


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