When Is UPS Delivering Amazon Packages? (Explained)

Have you ever had an Amazon package delivered by UPS?

Then have you had a different Amazon package delivered by another carrier like the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx?

Amazon uses different carriers, such as UPS, to deliver packages to its customers as it has a partnership contract with several shipping and logistics companies.

You may be wondering when Amazon uses UPS, so we’re here to answer that and other questions related to Amazon’s partnership with UPS.

Here’s When UPS Delivers Amazon Packages:

As one of Amazon’s shipping partners, UPS ships a small percentage of Amazon packages and ensures they reach the delivery address on time. This happens when it’s more cost-efficient for Amazon to use UPS. Third-party sellers on Amazon can also choose UPS for delivering their products. 

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To ensure that all packages are delivered within the estimated delivery timeframe and to keep its customers satisfied, Amazon has a contract with different shipping companies.

Besides using its own vehicles and delivery drivers, Amazon works with USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

If it would be more cost-efficient for Amazon to use a different carrier other than its own, then it will choose USPS, FedEx, or UPS – depending on which one gives them the most savings while still ensuring that the package arrives on time.

You cannot check if Amazon will use UPS for your order. You’ll only find out which carrier will deliver your package once you get the tracking information from the order confirmation email.

Regarding third-party retailers, they use the carrier of their choice since their orders aren’t fulfilled at Amazon warehouses or facilities.

In this case, you can contact the retailer to ask them what carrier they will use.

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Can You Ask Amazon to Never Use UPS for Your Address?

When ordering directly from Amazon, the company ultimately decides which carrier to use for delivering your package.

Although you can choose to have your order expedited, you cannot ask Amazon never to use UPS, or any other carrier, to your address.

Since Amazon has an existing contract with UPS, they reserve the right to choose this carrier to deliver your package, especially if it would be more cost-efficient for them to do so while ensuring that your package arrives on time.

You can only make such requests when ordering from an Amazon third-party seller.

Since you can contact third-party sellers, you may be able to ask them never to use UPS for your address, but at the end of the day, it’s up to them if they will grant your request or not.

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Can You Decide What Carrier to Use with Amazon?

With other e-commerce websites, like eBay, buyers can select which carrier to use for their orders, but that’s not how it works with Amazon.

Whenever you purchase on Amazon, you cannot choose or decide which carrier to use for delivering your package.

Even though you can choose to expedite your order, there’s no part in the ordering process that lets you choose the carrier.

As mentioned earlier in this article, there’s no way for you to know upfront which carrier will deliver your item. You will only get this information once your order has been confirmed and the tracking number has been sent to you.

You can only choose a carrier when ordering from an Amazon third-party reseller.

On the item description page of a third-party seller’s product, there’s an option for customers to Contact the Seller.

From there, you can contact the seller and ask them if they can use your preferred carrier to ship your package. But there’s no guarantee here as it is ultimately the seller’s decision.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Use the Same Carrier All the Time?

For around 60% of the orders, Amazon uses its own logistics to transport the packages and complete the deliveries. Amazon does own a fleet of planes, trucks, and delivery vans that it uses for most of its orders.

There are instances when Amazon has to use a third-party shipping company, such as UPS, if it means more savings for the company.

Amazon does not use the same carrier for all packages because, as a business, it aims to be more cost-effective while ensuring that all packages are delivered on time.

When it comes to packages for long-haul deliveries or those that typically take a couple of days, Amazon does rely on UPS to complete them.

So if it means occasionally using a different carrier, then Amazon will do just that.

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