Why Are Amazon Packages Getting Lost? (6 Common Reasons)

Have you ever experienced a failed delivery from Amazon, resulting in a refund request?

Although Amazon strives for prompt delivery, sometimes packages can go missing and fail to reach their destination.

This article will explore the most frequent causes of lost Amazon packages. It’s important to understand that packages are not truly “lost,” but rather misdirected and unable to be located.

Here are 6 common reasons for lost Amazon packages:

1. The Amazon Package was Never Shipped

One of the most common reasons why Amazon packages get lost is that the carrier never shipped them in the first place.

It could be that the packages were not scanned and processed for shipping or were never loaded onto a truck to be transported to the destination city.

This is very likely to happen during peak shipping season when Amazon facilities are receiving a huge volume of orders.

Peak shipping season happens during Christmas and other holidays when there are crazy sales and markdowns everywhere.

Because there are too many packages to be packed and shipped in Amazon warehouses, there’s a lot of room for system errors and for Amazon workers to make mistakes.

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2. The Amazon Package was Misplaced During Transit

This is another common reason why Amazon packages end up not reaching their destination.

Amazon packages can get misplaced during transit.

While being transported from one city to another, Amazon packages can get stuck between vehicle seats. They can get stuck under a bin.

These packages can also get misplaced in a warehouse or sorting facility, which is something that could happen, especially when there is a huge volume of packages to be sorted in the said location.

When your Amazon package gets misplaced during transit, it is unlikely that you will be able to retrieve it, especially if it was not scanned properly or entered into the system.

So if this happens, the best thing that you can do is to request a refund by logging into your Amazon account and navigating to the Orders page.

3. There Were Issues with the Delivery Address

An Amazon package can get lost or misplaced if there are issues with the recipient’s address, which can arise from different scenarios.

The delivery address may be incorrect. The package may get lost or misplaced if the address entered into the system is misspelled, missing a number, or has an incorrect zip code.

There are also instances where the system does not recognize the delivery address.

In some cases, the delivery address was not updated. This happens when the customer has failed to update their delivery address on Amazon after moving to another house or a completely different city or state.

When you move houses, even if you update your address with the U.S. Postal Service, these changes will not automatically reflect on your Amazon account.

You still have to log in to the Amazon website and edit your new address.

This is why it’s very important to always double-check the delivery address when placing an order on Amazon. Make sure that cities and street names are spelled out correctly and that the house numbers are accurate.

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4. The Shipping Label on the Amazon Package was Not Legible

Having a clear and legible shipping label is essential in the shipping industry. Without clear shipping labels, packages do not get delivered properly.

If the shipping label on your Amazon package cannot be read, your package may get lost or misplaced.

This happens when moisture has seeped into the shipping label, which destroys it and makes it illegible. If the shipping label cannot be read, it cannot be scanned and may not reach its destination.

When Amazon fulfills and packs an order, it does its best to protect the shipping label from moisture so it doesn’t get smudged or destroyed. Amazon uses waterproof labels that adhere properly to shipping boxes.

On the other hand, third-party sellers highly recommend using the same quality shipping labels that Amazon uses. This ensures that the labels do not come off or get destroyed while the package is in transit.

5. The Amazon Package was Damaged Beyond Repair

While this does not happen too often, it’s still another reason why an Amazon package can get lost.

If the contents of an Amazon package get damaged to the point where they can no longer be repaired, then the package ends up lost.

Amazon packages are shipped and placed in vehicles with other packages during transit. Sometimes, these packages contain liquid products such as perfumes, beverages, lotions, and oils, among many others.

There are instances wherein packages containing liquid get damaged while in transit. Then the liquid gets into other packages and ends up damaging them as well.

There are also instances where packages get mishandled by postal workers and end up getting damaged, especially if they contain fragile items.

Plus, other things can damage packages, such as the heavy impact on shipping boxes while in transit, insufficient cushioning inside the box, boxes leaking, and fire.

Whenever this happens, the damage is irreversible, and nothing can be done except requesting a refund.

6. The Amazon Package was Stolen

This is another reason that Amazon packages get lost, and they are more common than you think.

An Amazon package can be lost if it gets stolen by mail thieves or porch pirates. Sometimes, the culprit could be the carrier or a shipping company employee.

If an Amazon package was dropped off on the porch and left unattended, then it can be stolen by porch pirates. The tracking data for these packages would show that they have been delivered even though you haven’t received anything.

In the past years, more and more Amazon packages have been stolen by mail thieves or porch pirates. This is why Amazon drivers do their best to place Amazon packages in discreet locations.

They drop these packages off in areas around the house that are hidden from plain view.

Some customers also leave special delivery instructions like “drop package off in garage” or “leave the package on the back porch” so that thieves won’t target their Amazon packages.

Another scenario is that Amazon packages can also be stolen by the shipping company employees or carriers.

If you suspect that your package was stolen, Amazon advises that you contact their customer service department so that you would know what your next steps will be.

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7. What Can I Do If My Amazon Package Is Lost?

There are a few ways to know if your Amazon package is lost.

One way to know is when Amazon notifies you through the tracking information.

You will see an update that says: “Your package may be lost. Packages are rarely this late and we’re sorry that yours still hasn’t arrived.”

Below this message is a button that will direct you to the webpage where you can request for a refund.

Meanwhile, if the tracking data says that the package has been delivered, but you haven’t gotten anything yet, then it’s another indication that your package could be lost. In this case, you have to report it to Amazon and request for a refund.

If you suspect your package could be lost, but there are no updates on the tracking data page, Amazon recommends waiting a few more days.

Your package might just be delayed.

If more than 72 hours have passed from the estimated delivery date of your package, then you need to contact Amazon and report the incident so you can get a refund.

Here are the steps on how to do it:

  • Log in to your Amazon account using your email and password.
  • Navigate to the Orders page and look for the Amazon order that you suspect is lost.
  • From there, click on Report a Problem.
  • Then select the option to request for a refund.
  • Write a short explanation regarding your refund request, and include any details that may be relevant to the issue.

Once your request has been approved, the total amount that you paid should be reflected as a credit in your account within 2 to 3 business days. It should also show on your next billing statement.

If you paid for your order using an Amazon gift card, then the amount will be put back into your gift card balance so that you can use it for future orders.

If you still need the item, you can always place another order.


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