Who Does USPS Hire? 8 Common Questions (Answered)

As the second largest employer in the United States of America, the US Postal Service has more than 500,000 employees across all states.

As a company, it has a diverse workforce consisting of individuals from different races and backgrounds.

So who does the US Postal Service hire?

Here’s USPS’ Hiring Policy:

The US Postal Service hires anyone of legal employment age and with legal residency status in the US and its territories. USPS’s policy is to prevent discrimination and provide equal job opportunities. Because of this policy, the USPS maintains a diverse workforce with an atmosphere of respect.

Can Anyone Work For USPS?

USPS is the second largest employer in the United States, with a very diverse workforce, which might make you wonder if anyone can work for them.

Anyone can work for USPS as long as they are of legal age of employment, have legal residency status, and pass other pre-employment requisites.

Pre-employment requisites include criminal background checks, drug screening, and medical assessments.

Depending on the position, the applicant must also have a driver’s license and a safe driving record. This applies to individuals looking for a job as a mail carrier, truck driver, or any position requiring them to drive vehicles.

Does USPS Hire 16-17 Year-Olds?

In some countries, the legal working age is 18 years old.

In the US, teens as young as 14 can work outside school hours, provided they work in safe conditions.

The minimum age to get a job at USPS is 16 years old. USPS hires teens at least 16 years of age, provided they have a high school diploma.

Does USPS Hire College Students?

The US Postal Service offers programs to current college students, fresh graduates, and entry-level professionals.

These employment programs have been designed to give young workers great work experience. It also helps them gain professional skills.

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Does USPS Hire People with Disabilities?

USPS hires people with disabilities as part of its policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all.

Qualified applicants with disabilities can get a job at USPS through competitive and non-competitive processes.

If you are disabled but can perform all the essential job functions without risking your safety and the safety of other people, then you are qualified to get a job at USPS.

Does USPS Hire Independent Contractors?

USPS does hire independent contractors.

In recent years, USPS has relied heavily on independent contractors to do certain tasks. One of the main jobs that USPS hires contractors for is delivering mail, especially in rural locations or areas that are hard to access.

Hiring independent contractors for this job is relatively cheaper for USPS than hiring regular employees.

This is because they only pay the contractors when there is work to be done instead of paying them a regular wage.

Does USPS Hire Ex-Felons?

USPS hires ex-felons through the Second Chance Initiative Program, which offers jobs to ex-felons.

You can get a job at USPS even with a criminal record. This is because USPS believes that ex-felons are people who should still have a place in society.

USPS knows how hard it is for ex-felons to get a job and earn a living because of their criminal background.

This is why they want to give everyone a fair chance and offer equal work opportunities, regardless of their past.

Does USPS Hire Green Card Holders?

USPS hires Green Card holders.

Anyone living legally in the United States can apply for a job at USPS. This includes US citizens, permanent residents or Green Card Holders, and citizens of other US territories.

But not everyone in the US can apply for a job at USPS. If you are living in the US with refugee status, asylum status, or conditional permanent resident status, then you are not eligible to work at USPS.

As part of the job application process, USPS will conduct background checks, including a review of the applicant’s residency status, to ensure they are eligible for employment at the postal service.

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Does USPS Hire Veterans?

The US Postal Service offers jobs to US veterans.

USPS has a history of providing job opportunities to veterans because of their leadership skills.

USPS believes that veterans have loyalty, reliability, and integrity, which are all essential in the industry.

To date, there are around 100,000 veterans who currently work for USPS, holding different roles such as postal carriers, mail handler assistants, trailer operators, truck drivers, sales and support staff, and mail processors.


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