Why Does He Keep Buying Me Things? (9 Common Reasons)

If a guy keeps buying you gifts, there might be a personal reason behind the gesture. Though it can seem sweet at first, it may start to make you wonder why.

Some men overbuy for their girlfriends to overcompensate for other things in the relationship.

Here are nine reasons why he might buy you a lot of things:

1. He is Trying to Buy Your Affection

A guy might continually buy you gifts if he tries to buy your affection. This can happen even if you are currently in a relationship.

He may think that buying you things is the way to your heart. Maybe he doesn’t think that you like him enough, and he is trying to buy your affection for him literally.

Some men may think this will work if they have a materialistic mindset and think that you can buy affection through gifts.

This may be a relatively harmless mindset for most men, but it can be emotionless and hurtful to their partners.

Though this may seem harmless at first, it is never good to expect someone’s affection because you have bought them things. This can quickly turn into a possessive relationship where he believes that you owe him something.

2. He Wants Your Commitment

A guy might buy you many things if he wants your commitment.

He may be buying you gifts because he wants you to commit to going out on a date with him and giving him a chance.

This can also be his way of getting you to commit more to him in a relationship. Maybe this is his way of showing how invested in the relationship and how invested he is in you.

Though this is not the ideal strategy, many guys may do this with pure intentions. In his mind, this may be a good way of showing you that he is invested in the future of your relationship.

3. He is Trying to Get Your Attention

A guy might start to splurge on you and buy you things if he wants to get your attention. This will often happen when the two of you aren’t even dating or are not in an entirely committed relationship just yet.

Though outdated, many men still instinctually believe that they can prove themselves by buying women things. He may even be doing this if he feels that he is competing against another man for your affection.

He may buy you gifts or take you out to eat to keep your attention on him instead of someone else.

Men might resort to this behavior if they believe that you have your eye on someone else or are not committed to the relationship. This can be his way of trying to distract you and keep your attention on him instead.

4. He Doesn’t Have Anyone Else to Give Gifts to

Some guys may have the instinct to constantly buy you things because he doesn’t have anyone else to give gifts to. Maybe he doesn’t have much family or has never had female family members to splurge on.

This can lead them to overspend on a woman they feel for.

He may do this whether or not the two of you are in a relationship, as he wants to spoil you and show you that he cares. This can be his way of making up for all of the other times he didn’t have anyone else to buy gifts.

Because of his lack of experience, he may also think that giving you gifts will make you love him more. This can cause him to go overboard and buy too many things for you.

You might end up feeling suffocated or overwhelmed.

This type of guy rarely means any harm and only wants to give you things that he thinks will make you happy. It is best to be honest, and let him know that you do not need so many gifts while you appreciate the attention.

5. He Wants You to Owe Him

A more negative aspect of some men that buy you things is that they may be doing this so that you owe them something. He may use this manipulative behavior to put you in a position where he has the power.

This is something that women should keep an eye out for, as this kind of manipulative behavior can quickly spiral out of control. Though most gift-giving is harmless, some men use this to keep women in toxic relationships and make them feel like they owe something.

This may take the form of simple gifts that you receive regularly and slowly become larger and more frequent. He may start mentioning everything he buys for you and allude to the idea that he deserves things in return.

6. Giving Gifts is His Love Language 

Some guys give gifts because that is their love language and how they show you their affection and commitment.

Everyone has their love language, and some guys might have gift-giving as their love language. This is how they show you that they love and appreciate you.

He might not be overly touchy or tell you that he loves you every day, but he might buy you things and treat you to special gifts. Maybe you mentioned a necklace that you like, and the next day he bought it to see you smile.

This man may not always be outwardly loving, but you can tell that he cares because he wants to make you happy.

If you find the gifts overwhelming, you could let him know and discuss alternative options.

7. He Wants to Prove His Financial Abilities

Another reason a guy might buy you things all of the time is that he wants to prove how financially well off he is.

Though this is an old-fashioned mindset, many men still feel like they have to prove themselves financially. This is a part of their masculinity, and they want to show that they can financially support you.

He may do this if he likes you and wants to prove that he is a worthy romantic partner. Or he may even do this if the two of you are in a relationship, but he wants to take it to the next level.

This has more to do with how the guy feels about himself.

8. He Wants to Show You How Much He Loves You

The most common reason a guy might be buying you stuff is that he wants to show how much he loves you.

This can tie into gifts being his love language and wanting to prove that he is committed to you.

Giving gifts could be his way of showing that he cares and that your happiness matters to him. Maybe he didn’t grow up with gifts and wants to shower you with things he never got to have.

He may even lack the communication skills he wishes and tries to make up for it with gifts.

9. He Wants to Spoil You

It is very common for a guy to spoil the woman he loves with gifts because he wants her to feel treasured. This is often done out of a desire to make her happy and give her everything she wants.

Anyone who truly loves someone will naturally want them to have everything they want. Guys especially have this instinct and may try to spoil you as much as they can afford to.

If he wants to spoil you, he will not expect anything in return and will have no hidden agenda for buying you things.

He will want you to feel like you are treasured and get you everything you show signs of wanting.

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