Why Does He Laugh When I Talk? (5 Common Reasons)

There is no way around it – healthy and frequent conversation is vital for bringing joy and closeness to a relationship.

If you feel you’re constantly being laughed at, it might make talking with a guy more challenging than it should feel. 

Let us explore why a guy might laugh when you talk with him and how you should handle it:

1. He is Nervous Around You

Nervousness can make anyone do really foolish and often embarrassing things.

This is true for a guy too. He might be laughing when you talk because of being nervous.

He is Nervous Because He Really Likes You

When a guy is around a girl he likes, he can blush, ask many questions, fidget, sweat, and laugh about everything.

Swirling around inside of him are all the feelings he has for you. Laughing (albeit awkwardly) can help him blow off some of that tension.

Observe his behavior with other women to be sure of what his laughter means. If he always laughs with everyone, he probably does not have special feelings for you.

If you see that he only laughs like that around you, there’s a great chance that he likes you.

He is Nervous Because He is Intimidated by You

If he thinks he would have never gotten a girl likes you, or if he thinks you’re out of his league, he might feel intimidated by you.

Feeling intimidated will fuel his nervous reactions. Laughing is his way of trying to feel comfortable in your awe-inspiring presence.

Here are a few reasons he might be intimidated by you:

  • You are financially independent
  • You have a thriving career
  • You are blunt in your speaking
  • You are ambitious
  • You are self-assertive

When you go through this list, you may find some things that are true for you. If that is the case, a guy can be intimidated by you.

If a guy is laughing because of being nervously intimidated by you, you can’t really help it.

Did you know: Guys think it’s cute when girls get a bit nervous

2. He Really Thinks What You Are Saying is Funny

It might not be bad if a guy you’re dating is constantly laughing when you say something. It may simply mean that you are more entertaining than you realize.

The ability to be witty isn’t a skill everyone can boast of. Some people are naturally more artful and talented when it comes to words. Maybe you are one of them, and your significant other is just having a blast because of your sense of humor.

But how can you be sure you have that much of a sense of humor?

Here are some signs to assure you that he may be truly laughing at your jokes:

  1. You are always the life of the party anyway
  2. He’s not the only one who cracks up around you
  3. You know how to cheer up someone who is having a bad day
  4. You know how to laugh at yourself
  5. You don’t have to try to be funny

If you can identify most or even all of these traits in yourself, you can bet your guy was laughing because you are just funny.

4. He’s Not a Good Conversationalist

Not everyone was raised in a way that encouraged open expression.

Perhaps he may be shy, and without good conversational skills, his only alternative is to laugh. His reflex reaction is to laugh without knowing how to keep a chat going.

How to Help a Guy Who is a Poor Conversationalist

One of the best ways to help is by asking questions.

This works great for a guy who is not very good at conversation because it might help him to shift his focus from his nerves. If you are lucky, you will eventually find a topic that will spark your interest. Soon, he will be relaxed and will start talking.

Even the most nervous of men will still feel comfortable when he gets to talk about his passions and visions.

If you are not sure what a guy might want to talk about, here are some topics to try out:

  • His favorite sports and sports teams
  • His favorite films and TV shows
  • His long-term life plans
  • His favorite recipes
  • What is on his bucket list
  • The best places in the world he has ever traveled to

When you go through this list as a guide to asking him questions, you will stumble upon a topic that hits a sweet spot. You will see him relax and come alive, and his nervousness in your presence will disappear.

5. He Doesn’t Understand the Subject

If you work in a specialized field, you can use jargon that your beloved fellow may not understand. Jargon refers to the complex language used by experts in a certain field.

Specialty areas like Medicine, Engineering, Economics, Law, Computing, and even the Military, use professional language among themselves all the time. That is fine if you discuss a medical case with your colleagues on a ward round.

It is, however, not helpful to use the same language with someone you’re dating. Unless he is part of the same professional group, he probably won’t know what you’re talking about.

How to Tone Down on the Use of Jargon

To help a guy be more relaxed on a date or just hanging out with you, be very observant about the language he uses.

Does he use strict grammar or the latest slang? When you have keenly listened to and made your observations follow his lead. Use the same slang as he does.

If you’re that far removed from street talk because of being so busy with your profession, ask him to teach or explain to you what his slangs mean. Again, this will be a great opportunity for him to shine in front of you.

He will have no more reason to feel embarrassed because of not understanding what you are saying. He will lose his discomfort and hopefully quit the laughter of embarrassment.

Final Thoughts

The importance and power of communication in a relationship cannot be overstated. When you spot potential pitfalls in a guy’s ability to communicate with you, it is time for some action to move a conversation and a whole relationship forward.


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