Why Does He Take His Phone Everywhere? (8 Common Reasons)

Phones are necessary in today’s modern world. Almost everything is done online or through email and text.

You will probably need your phone no matter what you are trying to plan or organize. That means your guy needs his phone too.

However, if he is always on it or never lets it leave his hand, he probably has other reasons:

1. He Doesn’t Trust You

A guy might be taking his phone with him everywhere if he does not trust you. People tend to keep many private things on their phones, and he is most likely no different.

Taking his phone everywhere with him could signify that he doesn’t trust you with his phone. He also might be suddenly very aware of his phone when you are around because he has something to hide and is scared you will see it.

This can make him take his phone with him when he would have normally left it behind.

He might be taking it with him to the bathroom or putting it in his pocket whenever you are around. If this is out of the ordinary, it may be something to ask him about.

He may also be completely innocent and not hide anything but still feel paranoid around you. Maybe he caught you trying to get into his phone or peeking at the screen.

As small as they are, these actions can sow distrust.

Whether he has something to hide or not, no one likes to feel like they are being spied on or their phone is being looked at.

2. He is Keeping a Secret

Keeping secrets from your partner is hard. Most of them are stored on your phone – texts, plans, purchases, or surprises.

Maybe your birthday is coming up, and he is trying to make secret plans for the two of you or buying you a present.

He may be trying to hide his search history or any other evidence of these plans that are on his phone. He could be planning a trip that he is planning or an expensive gift that he is buying for you.

Maybe he is worried that you will become jealous because he has female friends and talks to them frequently. This can be a sore spot in a relationship, so he may try to keep it a secret.

No matter the reason, it is important to be open and honest in a relationship. If you think your guy is keeping a secret, ask him about it, and be open and understanding if the answer is “yes.”

3. He Wants to be Easy to Contact

A phone connects us to everyone else that we know and has become a safety blanket. Not only could you need your phone in an emergency, someone else may need to contact you urgently.

Many guys will carry their phones around to stay easy to contact if someone needs them.

Maybe they have family they know may need to contact them urgently, or they even have children or siblings who may need them. This can be a response and a way to stay available to anyone who may need them.

Being reachable means having your phone on you at all times. If it bothers you that he has his phone all the time, ask him if you can help keep him reachable.

If you are married or in a serious relationship, you can offer to give your phone number to his family or very close friends if they need to reach him. This will make him feel better about leaving his phone home or forgetting it once in a while.

4. He Needs His Phone For Work

Some jobs require that employees remain easy to contact at certain times. He may even have an on-call job where he is technically working, but only if he is needed suddenly.

If he has this kind of job, he will most likely be taking his phone everywhere he goes. This could mean taking it to the bathroom with him or just getting a glass of water from the kitchen.

If you think he is too attached to work, talk to him about it. Respect his career, but remind him that he doesn’t need to be on the phone 24/7.

5. He is Expecting a Call

If he has his phone on him, he might be expecting an important call from someone and needs to keep his phone nearby.

Maybe he applied for a new job and is waiting to hear back from them or see if he got the raise he asked for. He may be waiting to hear some good news, bad news, or hear back from his mom.

Everyone keeps their phone nearby when they know they’ll be getting an important call. It isn’t strange and should be no reason to raise the alarm.

6. He Likes to be Prepared

A phone can help you at any moment, no matter the circumstances. This creates a kind of lifeline.

If he takes his phone everywhere, he wants to make sure he is prepared for anything like:

  • Calling for help
  • Finding a location on his GPS
  • Paying for groceries
  • Applying coupons to purchases
  • Checking his bank account balance
  • Calling you to meet you somewhere
  • Contacting his doctor
  • Phoning work during an out of office meeting

A phone can be many things, and this is a great way to be prepared for just about anything, no matter where you are.

He may like to always have his phone on him if he ever needs it. 

7. He Gets Bored Easily

A guy may take his phone everywhere if he is the kind of person who gets bored easily.

This can explain why he may take his phone to strange places, like the bathroom or the kitchen.

He may get bored easily and like to have a source of entertainment wherever he goes. 

Lots of people are easily bored and may entertain themselves with their phones. Maybe they have games that they like to play, podcasts they listen to, or scroll through social media.

They may have tv shows that they are watching or Youtube channels they follow. They may be tapping into all kinds of entertainment on their phones.

Furthermore, many people listen to music when they clean, walk, exercise, or shop.

Final Thoughts

No matter why he keeps his phone on him, try not to jump to conclusions.

While the possibility that he is hiding something or cheating on his partner is still possible, it is highly unlikely when weighed against everything else he could be doing.

Be open and honest with your partner and tell them if it is worrying you. Just don’t make them feel accused when there might be nothing wrong.

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