Why Does He Tell Me Everything? (8 Common Reasons)

When people open up to us it can either make us feel really good or awkward. If they tell you everything, then it is a sign that they trust you!

Here are a few reasons that he might be telling you everything:

1. He Wants Your Advice

Our friends love to open up to us to get our advice.

Many people even do this online, telling every detail of a story or their lives to get someone’s opinion on what they should do.

If your guy friend or boyfriend is telling you all sides of a story, a situation, or a scenario, then he might be looking to gain your advice.

Asking for advice requires a lot of trust and appreciation on his part. It means he cares for your opinion and is ready to share personal details of his life.

Should his questions make you uncomfortable, you can always ask him to stop. Otherwise, you can offer him the advice he seeks.

2. He Has No One Else to Talk to

It’s hard being the only one that someone has to talk to.

It puts a lot of pressure on our shoulders and makes it difficult to say no.

If he keeps asking you a lot of questions or dumps all of his emotional burdens on your shoulders, it might be because he doesn’t have anyone else to talk to. 

This can sometimes make you feel like his personal therapist.

Even if he is your boyfriend, you shouldn’t be the only person in his life to talk to. He needs other outlets for conversation.

Otherwise, it can start to feel stale, or like he is only using you to feel better.

3. He Wants You to Know More About Him

Especially at the beginning of a new relationship, we like someone to know everything there is to know about us.

This includes talking about our childhood, our hobbies, and what we do for a living.

However, this can be very overwhelming for some people. It’s important to try and space out the information we give.

Dumping everything on someone all at once can annoy them. It can also make them feel like they know too much about you.

A lot of the mystery disappears when you lay everything out on the table right away.

Yet, it is possible that being open and honest is a very attractive trait. Even if he overwhelms you, you might enjoy his vulnerability and his desire to tell you about himself.

4. He Feels Overwhelmed

A lot of us talk too much when we get nervous. We say everything that’s on our minds and we don’t stop to breathe.

If you are just meeting him for the first time, he’s probably feeling very overwhelmed. Especially if you’re on a date or doing something intimate. 

Sometimes we talk to fill the silence, so he might be feeling nervous and therefore saying everything he’s thinking.

If he says a lot of things all at once and you can tell he’s feeling overwhelmed, try to calm him down. Tell him everything is okay!

He might just need some reassurance to remind him that everything is fine and he doesn’t need to be nervous. 

5. He Thinks of You as a Friend

Trusting someone means that we tell them everything about us.

It means that we reach out to them when we need help or advice. It also means that we think of them as very good friends.

If the guy in your life is talking about himself and telling you everything there is to know, it’s because he thinks you are a friend. He also thinks you are a trustworthy person.

His desire to reach out to you is a sign that you are close. You may even be best friends!

If that is the case, you probably open up to him, too.

6. You Are a Good Listener

People will always talk to those who are good listeners.

They want someone to understand them and they don’t want to be interrupted if the talk is very serious.

If someone is constantly talking to you and going to you for advice, or to vent about a bad day, then they probably think you’re a good listener. 

Good listeners are great friends and partners to have. They let their friend get their feelings out without passing judgment.

If you are a good listener, your friends probably come to you all the time to talk. If he tells you everything, it is probably because you listen.

If, for some reason, you are uncomfortable with being the “good listener” of the group, make sure to put up boundaries to prevent being bombarded emotionally.

7. He Knows That You Care

If he knows that you care about him, he will reach out to you first before anyone else.

He probably feels safe with you and knows you won’t repeat the things he says to you in confidence. If you know that you care about him, he is more likely to be more vulnerable with you. 

This leads to more serious and emotional discussions between the two of you, rather than surface-level talks that most friends or acquaintances have.

8. He Trusts You

If he trusts you, he will most likely talk about the intimate and vulnerable size of your relationship. He will open up to you and he won’t keep things from you.

He will also tell you his secrets and his desires. Most likely he won’t stop talking to you because he truly trusts you.

If that’s the case, you can see it as an opportunity to grow closer. You may also see it as a way to trust in him and open up as well!

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