Why Does He Like My OLD Instagram Pictures? (Explained)

If you have noticed a guy liking all of your old pictures on Instagram, this may seem strange.

Believe it or not, this is quite a common issue that many women face on their social media profiles.

Many men do this, and there are usually one or two reasons why:

Here’s Why He Likes Your Old Instagram Photos:

If a guy suddenly likes all of your old Instagram pictures, he may be trying to get your attention. Seeing your old photos get so many likes will automatically make you notice his activity on your profile. He may know this and is using it as a way to grab your attention.

He is Trying to Get Your Attention

Any time someone starts to like your old Instagram photos, it is often a way of getting your attention.

Doing this is a guaranteed way of standing out and gaining your attention as you see your old photos getting new recognition. However, if you have a very active Instagram, you still may not notice him through all of your notifications.

Liking your photos is not automatically weird but can start to become that way if he goes overboard.

Having someone like too many photos is already verging on being creepy, but it is especially weird if they are old photos. If he goes out of his way to like photos from many years ago, this can become very peculiar.

Either he is completely unaware of how this looks to you and has gotten too excited, or he is truly being creepy.

This is why men should avoid this tactic, as it usually looks weird to women and often results in men being blocked. Also, you may want to know why random guys like your Instagram pictures.

He Likes Your Photography

This is an uncommon reason why a guy might be liking all of your old Instagram photos, but it is a possibility. Some men might like your style of photography and how you capture images.

This is a potential reason if you post more creative and artistic photos instead of the average selfie.

Maybe you like to take photos with beautiful backdrops or do creative portraits. You may even take photos of scenery and landscapes. This might mean that he is simply admiring your photography, not necessarily you.

This is an especially good possibility if he is a photographer himself or enjoys similar art forms. This may be his way of expressing that admiration.

He Is Stalking You

Liking Instagram pictures can be seen as flirting.

It is no secret that someone may start to like your older Instagram photos if they are stalking you. This is a very common course that a man will take if he is stalking you and wants to learn more about you.

The scary thing about this is that it can happen to anyone since Instagram is a public platform. He could be a stranger or someone you know in your real life.

This is why women do not usually like it when a man starts to like all of their older photos. It comes across as creepy because many men do this when intentionally stalking a woman they like.

He may think that this comes across as him being an admirer of yours, or he may not even be thinking about liking the photos.

It can be instinctual to like photos on Instagram, so he may not even be aware that he is doing it. He may think he is being very sneaky by stalking you on Instagram, but he is giving himself away by liking your photos.

If you find that a guy repeatedly comes back to like all of your old photos, he may not have the best intentions. Most men would eventually think that this behavior can come across as being creepy and stop.

A stalker either won’t notice or care if you know that you are being stalked online.

If you think you are being stalked, followed, or in danger, seek help from someone you trust or even the authorities.

He Wants to Learn More About You

Instagram photos aren’t just nice photos that we take; and they are a timelapse of our life and how we change each passing year.

If you have been on Instagram for a long time, you most likely have photos of years and years. This creates a platform to showcase your life and how you have changed as a person.

If a guy likes you, he may take advantage of this to learn more about you. This usually isn’t meant to be creepy or intrusive, and he wants to learn more about your life.

Instagram creates a way for him to do this without talking to you directly or asking you questions. It gives him the ability to see who you used to be and how you have grown.

He most likely will start to do this if he has recently started to like you and wants to learn more about you. It is not uncommon for people to want to learn more about someone they may like before making a move.

He may be doing this to understand you better or even have more to talk to you about. If he is shy or awkward, he may be using this as a kind of research to find things to talk to you about.

He is Bored

One reason why a man might be liking all of your old Instagram photos is that he is simply bored.

This is a dull reason, but it is still something that does happen, as we are all guilty of passing the time on Instagram.

Maybe he is at work or is waiting somewhere and has nothing else to do. He might have just been scrolling through his contacts on Instagram and landed on your profile.

Instagram is a great place to waste time, and he might be trying to pass the time away as he is waiting for something else to happen.

This is most common with guys you know, and both follow each other. Maybe he is an ex of yours or just someone that you know. He may even like you and be looking through your photos to pass the time.

Many men are completely oblivious to how certain things come across to women, so he may not be thinking of how strange this looks. He could be absentmindedly liking your photos without realizing you can see those notifications.

When a guy does this, it may initially look like he is being creepy and stalking your profile, but if it is a one-time thing, he may be bored. It is not something to worry about if it doesn’t happen repeatedly.

He’s Obsessive

There is a fine line between being obsessive and stalking you. A man who begins stalking you on Instagram may be enthralled and want to see all of you that they possibly can through your online presence.

Someone that becomes obsessed is more of a concern as obsession is much harder to get rid of and doesn’t just go away usually. If a man is truly obsessed with you, he could easily take this obsession into your real life.

This may first take the form of him liking your photos the minute you post them or liking anything he finds that he hasn’t liked before. Once he has done this, he will move on to looking through your old photos and liking them.

If he is obsessed with you, he will not usually be thinking about how this might appear. He may even think that this behavior is attractive and will win your attention.

You should immediately block and report this kind of guy on Instagram. The sooner you cut ties, the better, though it may not always resolve the issue.

You will want to be careful around these kinds of guys and restrict any access they might have to you. This would include blocking him on other profiles that you have online.

He Has a Crush on You

The most common reason a guy might start to like all of your old photos is that he has a normal, reasonable crush on you.

Maybe he just found you online and instantly found you attractive and magnetic, or you know him in real life. It is very common for men that we know in real life to show their attraction online.

You might also want to know why guys sometimes UNLIKE Instagram pictures.

It is easy to like photos as you look through them without knowing that you tapped on them.

If he has a crush on you, he most likely wants to see more of you and enjoys your older photos. It usually comes from a harmless place as he is curious and wants to know you better.

If he has a crush on you, he will not keep coming back to like your older photos. This will be something he does a few times before he either moves on or gets the courage to talk to you.

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