Amazon Keeps Asking You To Sign In? 2 Known Issues (Solved)

If you keep using the same devices, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, to sign in to Amazon, you would expect to stay logged in.

Sometimes, this doesn’t happen, and Amazon keeps asking you to sign in even though you’re using the same device you always have. Many people are experiencing this and have been complaining about it.

So why does this happen? Why does Amazon keep asking you to sign in, and how can you fix this?

We’ve checked and found the solutions to your Amazon log-in problems:

1. The “Keep Me Signed In” Box Was Not Checked

Whenever you log in to Amazon, a small tick box says, “keep me signed in.” People often overlook this, so they end up not checking it.

The next time you log in to Amazon, check the tiny box that lets you stay signed in to your account.

This should solve the problem, and Amazon will stop logging you out but not permanently.

You will still get logged out of your account every now and then, but it will be less than usual – around twice a month or at least every 2 weeks.

Remember that this is only suitable if you’re using your personal devices, such as your laptop or mobile phone!

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Only Check this Box on YOUR Devices

If you are using a shared device, even with family or trusted household members, staying signed in on Amazon is not recommended.

You do not want people accessing your account, making unauthorized purchases, or changing your account information.

It’s also not recommended to stay signed in when using a public computer or network, such as in the library, college campus, or internet cafes.

If you log in to your Amazon account using a public network, your password can easily get stolen, giving other people access to your account and personal information.

Someone might use your Amazon account and credit card to purchase stuff online, and you obviously wouldn’t want that.

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2. Amazon’s Security System Detects Suspicious Activity

Amazon has a really good security system that can easily detect suspicious activity on Amazon accounts, such as hacking. Amazon can also detect if your password has been compromised or used on other websites.

If this happens to your account, you will get logged out and be asked to sign in again the next time you shop on Amazon.

To keep your account as safe as possible, Amazon will ask you to sign in again even though you’re using the same device you’ve always used, and it will ask for verification.

Now, it can be annoying if you’re always asked to sign in whenever you want to make a purchase.

If you want to prevent this, ensure your account is secure by setting a strong password.

Here’s how you can create a great password:

  1. Use a long password, ideally with 10 to 16 characters.
  2. Use a combination of numbers, special characters, and lowercase and uppercase letters.
  3. Do not use your name, or any part of it, in your password, even if it is spelled backward.
  4. Do not use your birthday or any personal information that can identify you.
  5. Do not use a password that you have already used on other websites.

Make sure to change the password to your Amazon account every 3 to 6 months, and do not share your account details with anyone.

When logging in to Amazon, try to use your personal devices as much as possible and avoid accessing Amazon through a public network.

Even if you’re using a personal computer or smartphone, regularly clear the cache, cookies, and browsing data. This is an added measure to keep your account safe.

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