Amazon Keeps Changing Delivery Date? 7 Known Issues (Solved)

Once you place an order on Amazon and it’s been confirmed, you will get an email with the tracking details and estimated delivery date.

The delivery date is calculated based on usual shipping conditions while considering any mishaps that could happen while in transit.

This is why many Amazon packages arrive before their estimated delivery date, and sometimes Amazon keeps changing the delivery date!

Why does this happen? We’ve looked into that, and here is everything we’ve found out.

1. Delays Due to Holidays or Peak Shipping Months

You can expect delays in your Amazon package during holidays or peak shipping months.

This usually happens during December when the Christmas season is just around the corner, in May when it’s Mothers’ Day, in June when it’s Fathers’ Day, and after Thanksgiving when there are Black Friday sales in almost every store.

When Amazon is anticipating delays in the delivery of packages because of holidays or because it’s peak shipping season, then they would change the estimated delivery date. You’d have no other option but to wait.

If you want to avoid this in the future, we’d recommend shopping in advance during peak shipping seasons, especially when buying gifts from someone from Amazon. This way, it will be likely that your order will still arrive on time.

If you’re shopping during Black Friday sales, then you can’t make purchases in advance since markdowns are scheduled. So you really just have to be patient with your order and understand that everyone is taking advantage of the low prices just like you.

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2. Inclement Weather

Another reason why Amazon keeps changing the delivery date is because of poor weather conditions.

If the weather is bad in your area, you can expect your Amazon package to be delayed. You’d notice that the estimated delivery date keeps moving to a later date.

Amazon delays shipping operations when the weather is bad for the safety of the delivery drivers and the packages.

If you’re experiencing delays with your order due to the weather conditions, just be patient. Your Amazon package will be delivered to you once it’s safe, and you will get a notification once it’s on its way.

3. Issues with Shipping Address

When placing an order on Amazon, entering the correct shipping address is crucial to ensure the package arrives on time.

If there is an issue with the shipping address, the package may be delayed, resulting in Amazon changing the estimated delivery date.

Here are some examples of shipping address issues:

  • The shipping address cannot be found or cannot be verified.
  • The incorrect house number was entered.
  • The street name on the shipping address was misspelled.

To prevent this, make sure to always enter your shipping address accurately. Before finalizing your order, review the shipping address you typed in to check that it’s correct and that you didn’t misspell anything.

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4. Recipient Wasn’t Available to Sign for the Shipment

This issue only occurs for Amazon packages that require a signature during delivery.

If the recipient isn’t available and no one else in the household can sign for the delivery of the Amazon package, then the shipping will be delayed. Amazon will have to move the delivery date.

If your Amazon package requires a signature on delivery, ensure you or an authorized representative is present to receive the package to avoid any delay.

5. Third-Party Seller Timelines

When an order is placed through a third-party seller, then it’s the seller that fulfills the order.

For orders that third-party sellers fulfill, Amazon has no control over the packing, preparing, and shipping timeline.

Amazon may keep changing the delivery date of your order if the seller is late in packing and preparing your order for shipment.

In this case, you can follow up with the third-party seller to get a status update on your order. When you view your orders in your Amazon account, there’s an option for you to contact the seller.

Before ordering from an Amazon third-party seller, it is recommended that you check their customer reviews to see how long they generally take to ship an order. Customer reviews will also tell you if they are pleasant to deal with in case you encounter issues with your order.

This is so you can make an informed decision before doing business with a particular seller.

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6. Customs Delays

In the case of international orders, Amazon may have to keep changing the estimated delivery date if the package is on hold at the customs facility of the destination country.

Amazon vendors and third-party sellers are generally responsible for shipping the items, and the customer is responsible for paying any import fees.

You will be notified if there are import fees that you need to settle. In my experience, import fees only apply if the value of the items exceeds a certain amount, and they never have.

When shopping from international Amazon sellers, always check the import policies in your country and be prepared for any fees that you may have to pay.

If your package is on hold at customs and you’re certain that there are no import fees, then it could just be a delay due to the high volume of packages for clearing. So there’s nothing to do but wait.

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7. Other Issues During Shipping

Amazon may keep changing the delivery date of your package if they encounter unexpected issues during shipping.

Here are some examples:

  • The shipping label was damaged or became unreadable while the package was in transit.
  • The items got damaged in transit.
  • There were technical issues during the sorting and organizing of the packages.
  • The delivery vehicle broke down or encountered road blockages.
  • The traffic was bad in the delivery location.
  • There was a shortage of delivery staff.
  • There was an accident that affected the shipment.


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