Is Gucci More Expensive Than Chanel? (8 Examples)

Gucci and Chanel are two of the world’s most popular and expensive luxury brands.

While both brands sell bags, shoes, leather goods, clothes, and other fashion items, Chanel manufactures mostly for women.

Let’s check which of these two brands is more expensive:

Gucci vs. Chanel: Which Luxury Brand is More Expensive

Chanel is significantly more expensive than Gucci. While both brands belong to the luxury fashion sector, Gucci offers more affordable options regarding bags, shoes, clothes, and accessories, whereas Chanel products are relatively pricier.


In general, Chanel is more expensive than Gucci regarding bags.

Gucci may have excessively priced items, such as the Gucci Bamboo 1947 Crocodile Top Handle Bag, which retails for $52,000 but offers more affordable options.

This particular bag is very expensive because it is made of crocodile leather. It stands out from the majority of Gucci bags that are made with canvas or calf leather.

Compared to Chanel, Gucci has relatively cheaper items. You can find Gucci bags under $1,000. Plus, there are a lot of bag designs that cost less than $3,000.

Meanwhile, the Chanel Classic Square Mini Flap Bag is the most affordable bag you can purchase at Chanel, costing $4,200.

On average, you can expect to spend at least $5,000 when shopping for a Chanel bag.

Women’s Clothing

Of these two brands, Chanel is more expensive in women’s clothes.

When browsing the Chanel website, you will only find an item for $1,000. The cheapest clothing item you would find is a red and white tank top made of cotton, and it retails for $1,300.

Even the t-shirts are incredibly expensive. The simplest items are the Chanel logo t-shirts, made from jersey fabric, priced at $2,900.

The most expensive Chanel clothing item available now is a black glittered muslin dress which retails for $12,700.

On the other hand, Gucci offers lots of clothing items for under $1,000. You can get Gucci t-shirts for as low as $590, available in different colors and prints.

The majority of the clothes at Chanel are priced between $3,000 and $10,000, depending on the fabrics used. Meanwhile, the price range of Gucci clothes is between $2000 and $10,000.

One of the reasons that Chanel clothes are so expensive is that a lot of the items are seasonal and come in limited quantities. In luxury fashion, limited edition items are always more expensive than regular ones.

Gucci is your best bet if you want designer clothing but want to spend only what is necessary. You get so many great options for less than $1,000.


When it comes to shoes, Chanel is also more expensive than Gucci.

The most affordable pair of footwear you can get at Gucci is the Women’s Rubber Slide Sandal which costs $380.  The other sandals are priced between $400 to $700.

Meanwhile, the most affordable pair at Chanel is the Lambskin and Grosgrain Sandal which costs $1,075.

Gucci sneakers start at $720, while the most expensive pair is the North Face x Gucci Rhyton sneaker, which costs $1,250. The cheapest sneakers you can get at Chanel are Suede Calfskin Sneakers, which cost $1,200.

Regarding other shoe types, the pricing of Gucci and Chanel are on par with each other, with little price differences here and there, depending on the shoes’ materials.


Compared to Chanel, Gucci offers more variety regarding wallets and cardholders.

While Gucci has over a hundred wallets and cardholders in its collection, Chanel carries no more than 50 wallets and cardholders.

Chanel wallets are more expensive than Gucci wallets.

The price range of Gucci cardholders is from $280 to $600. The cheapest cardholder you can get at Chanel retails for $400, while the most expensive one costs $625.

As for wallets, the small ones at Gucci start at $500, while a similar-looking wallet at Chanel costs $875.

The most expensive wallet you can purchase at Gucci costs $3,000, and it can double as a sling bag since it comes with a removable chain strap. Meanwhile, you can buy the cheapest wallet with a chain strap at Chanel costs $3,500.

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Fine Jewelry

When it comes to fine jewelry, the pricing of Gucci and Chanel are the same. There may be small differences here and there, but they are within the same price range.

Rings made from 18-carat gold are priced between $1,000 and $6,000 at both Gucci and Chanel. The pricing of the rings can depend on how many diamonds are encrusted in them.

The necklaces from these two brands are also priced similarly. You can get a simple design for around $3,000, while the more elaborate ones can cost more than $40,000.

For bracelets, there are some differences in the pricing of Gucci and Chanel because of the design. Since Gucci has a few simple chain bracelet designs, you’d expect that they have more affordable options.

These dainty chain bracelets cost $1,000 to $3,000.

Meanwhile, chunkier bracelet designs from Gucci and Chanel are within the same price range. These bracelets, made from real gold and encrusted with diamonds, start at $3,000 and can cost almost $30,000.

Sunglasses and Eyewear

Chanel eyewear is slightly more expensive than the ones from Gucci.

Gucci sunglasses are manufactured by Kering Eyewear in partnership with Safilo Group, while Luxottica manufactures Chanel sunglasses.

The most affordable sunglasses you can get at Gucci is the Navigator Frame Sunglasses which cost $350, and the most expensive sunglasses are the studded Gucci Rectangular Frame Sunglasses which cost $1,840.

Meanwhile, the most affordable sunglasses you can get at Chanel is the Square Sunglasses which come in 7 colors and costs $400. The most expensive sunglasses at Chanel is the Butterfly Sunglasses which cost $1,675.

Even though Chanel’s priciest eyewear is cheaper than Gucci’s, the items in Chanel’s collection are generally more expensive.


Gucci and Chanel offer various women’s fashion accessories, including belts and hats.

In general, Chanel accessories are a bit more expensive than Gucci accessories.

Gucci belts start at $295. It also has a good collection of belts priced between $300 to $500, with several designs retailing for more than $500 and can cost as much as $1,000. Regarding hats, the ones at Gucci start at $360.

Meanwhile, at Chanel, you wouldn’t find belts and hats for under $1,000 unless you include its headband that costs $650.


Fragrances from Gucci and Chanel are almost in the same price range.

For both of these brands, fragrances for men and women are priced between $90 and $450, depending on the collection and bottle size. Of course, limited edition fragrances are typically more expensive than the rest.

The Alchemist’s Garden line is the most expensive Gucci fragrance, which costs $350 for a 100ml bottle. This perfume line is suitable for men and women, as it has a unisex scent.

At Chanel, the most expensive fragrance you can get for women is the Gabrielle Chanel which costs $350 for a 100ml bottle. For men, the most expensive fragrances you can get comes from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection, which costs $280 for a 100ml bottle.

This collection has 9 different scents.

Why Is Chanel More Expensive Than Gucci?

The main reason that Chanel is more expensive than Gucci is that it has been in the business longer and has a higher brand value.

Chanel entered the business in 1910 and has been one of the industry leaders ever since. It has built its name as one of the most reputable luxury brands in fashion, with pieces that never go out of style.

Another factor that impacts the pricing of these brands is their target market. While both brands target wealthy customers, Gucci appeals more to the younger generation, with customers as young as their late 20s.

Chanel’s target market is in the 30s to 40s, with relatively more spending power.

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Does Gucci Or Chanel Sell More Products?

Comparing these two brands, Gucci sells more products than Chanel.

Gucci has bested Chanel in sales in the 2022 most popular luxury brands ranking.

Gucci has sold more products, which meant more revenue for the brand.


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