Amazon App Crashes On iPhone? 4 Known Issues (Solved)

If you have the Amazon app on your iPhone, you may have encountered issues with it. Not all apps are made perfectly, and sometimes. Issues may arise.

Sometimes, the Amazon app keeps crashing on your iPhone, making you wonder what issues cause this.

This article will discuss the most common issues that can cause the Amazon app to crash on an iPhone and how to resolve this:

The Amazon App Is Outdated

The Amazon app on your iPhone may be outdated which explains why it keeps crashing.

Amazon app developers continuously release updates to fix bugs or glitches, add new features, or ensure the app runs smoothly with the most recent iOS version.

If you’re not using the most recent version of the Amazon app, it may cause the app to stop working properly and crash.

You just need to update your Amazon app to the most recent version to fix this.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the App Store application on your iPhone.
  2. Look for the Amazon app using the search function.
  3. If an app update is available, you will find “Update” on the right side.
  4. Tap “Update,” and it should install the most recent version of the Amazon app on your iPhone.

When installing updates, make sure that your internet connection is stable.

To keep the Amazon app up-to-date on your iPhone, it is recommended that you turn on automatic updates.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to look for App Store, use the search bar, and then select it.
  3. Under “Automatic Downloads,” you will see a toggle switch beside “App Updates.”
  4. Tap the toggle switch to enable automatic app updates on your iPhone.

If you’re using cellular data to connect to the internet, an option in the same menu lets you choose how to install those updates.

Basically, you can configure your phone to “Always Ask” before automatically installing updates using cellular data.

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The Amazon App Is Not Compatible With Your Current iOS Version.

This is a common issue for old iPhones.

Since Apple continuously releases a new iPhone model every year, it also releases new iOS versions. Let’s face it – iPhones are expensive, so it is quite impractical to keep buying the latest model once it comes it.

If you’re using an old iPhone model that works well but doesn’t have the latest iOS release, then your version of the Amazon app may not be compatible with it.

You don’t have to buy a new iPhone just to make it work. The solution is to just simply to downgrade to a version of the Amazon app that’s compatible with your current iOS.

Uninstall the Amazon app first by holding the app icon until the small uninstall button pops up on the top left corner of the icon. Tap this button to uninstall.

Then here’s how to install an old version of the Amazon app:

  1. Open the App Store application on your iPhone.
  2. Look for the Amazon app using the search function and tap the cloud icon on the right side to reinstall it.
  3. A pop-up window will appear saying that an older version of the app is compatible with your current iOS version.
    • It asks if you want to download this version, so tap “Yes.”

This will install an old version of the Amazon app. Again, ensure your internet connection is stable, so the download goes smoothly.

Amazon App Keeps Crashing? 3 Known Issues (Solved)

Your iPhone Is Low On Storage.

If your iPhone is low on storage or nearing its storage capacity, then the Amazon app and all other apps may keep crashing.

This can also significantly slow down your iPhone, which can be annoying.

Here’s what you can do when your iPhone is low on storage:

  • Delete old screenshots, photos, and videos that you no longer need. You can back them up in iCloud if you want to keep a copy of them.
  • Delete apps that you haven’t used for weeks. You can always reinstall them in the future if you need them again.

Clearing app data and cache data on your iPhone can also free up storage space.

Sometimes, certain apps may take up a lot of space, and you can check this by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Tap “General” then tap “iPhone Storage” and this will display the list of apps on your iPhone with the ones taking up the most storage at the top.

Once you figure out which apps are taking up a lot of storage space, then you can take the necessary steps to free up some space by going into these apps and deleting cache data.

For example, you can delete downloaded movies or episodes on Netflix that you have already watched. You can also delete files sent through WhatsApp or other messaging apps if you no longer need them.

Another extra step you can take is enabling the automatic offloading of apps through Settings. If you turn on this feature on your iPhone, it will automatically offload apps you no longer use.

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Your iPhone’s Internet Connection Is Unstable.

Another reason why the Amazon app keeps crashing on your iPhone is if you’re having network issues or your internet connection is unstable.

If you’re using mobile data for your internet connection, it’s best to contact your service provider, as they may have technical issues, or there could be a signal problem in your area. Signal problems can be caused by maintenance work or bad weather conditions.

If your iPhone is connected through wi-fi, several things could be causing this issue.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your connection is stable:

  1. Make sure that your iPhone is not too far from your router.
  2. Check all cables and wires for any loose connections.
  3. Check if all cables and wires are in good condition.
    • If they are damaged or look worn out, then you may need to replace them.
  4. Always keep your router’s firmware up to date.
  5. Make sure that your internet settings are configured correctly.
  6. Check if wireless devices, such as microwaves, Bluetooth speakers, or cordless phones, may be interfering with the signal.
    • If so, then move them far away from your router.

If you still have problems with your internet connection, reset your router by turning it off and on again.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then it would be best to contact your internet service provider.

Best Practices For Preventing Amazon App Crashes On iPhone

Amazon app crashes can be annoying. While it’s not a huge problem to worry too much about, it does affect your productivity.

Shopping through the Amazon app should be a quick, easy, and hassle-free experience, but app crashes will slow you down and affect the rest of your daily tasks.

To prevent the Amazon app from crashing on your iPhone, here’s what you can do:

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is stable whenever you’re using the Amazon app.
  2. Always ensure you have the most recent version of the Amazon app by regularly checking for updates and enabling automatic app updates.
  3. Always check for compatibility with your current iOS before installing the latest version of the app.
  4. Delete apps, photos, videos, and other files that you no longer use.
    • You can back up the files into iCloud if you want to keep copies of them.
  5. Routinely free up storage on your iPhone by deleting cache data on apps.

If you follow the steps above, the Amazon app will run smoothly on your iPhone.


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