Do Lost Amazon Packages Ever Arrive? (We Checked)

Do lost amazon packages ever arrive? (We checked)

The likelihood of packages getting lost or delayed in transit is increasing along with online shopping’s popularity.

One of the biggest e-commerce sites in the world, Amazon, has dealt with a fair share of misplaced packages. Whether these misplaced packages ever arrive is a concern for many people.

In this article, we will discuss what happens if Amazon packages don’t arrive:

Do Lost Amazon Packages Ever Arrive?

If the package was delayed or misrouted, it might arrive at its intended destination. If the package is stolen or lost, the chances of recovering it decreases. If the package has been marked as delivered, but the customer has not received it, Amazon may offer a replacement or refund.

What Happens to Lost Packages?

Lost packages can end up in various places depending on how and where they were lost.

Here are a few possibilities:

Misdelivered packages:

Occasionally, packages are inadvertently delivered to the incorrect address.

In this scenario, the package may be returned to the correct address by the recipient, or it may go missing or be stolen.

Lost in transit:

Due to mistakes or improper handling by carriers, packages may go missing during shipping.

They might get lost en route, stuck on a delivery truck, or in a carrier’s warehouse.


Unfortunately, packages being stolen happen frequently.

Packages can be stolen from delivery trucks as well as porches and mailboxes by thieves.

Issues with customs:

If a package is being shipped internationally, it may be delayed or held up at customs due to rules.

Most of the time, lost packages are eventually delivered to the correct people or are reimbursed by the retailer.

However, it’s always possible that a lost package won’t ever be located or recovered.

To improve the likelihood of a successful recovery, it’s critical to notify the retailer or carrier as soon as you become aware of any lost packages.

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At What Point are Amazon Packages Considered Lost?

While Amazon’s expected delivery timeframe is generally within 5 days of the ship date, the actual delivery timeframe can vary depending on the shipping method selected and the carrier used for the delivery.

The definition of a “lost” package may also vary depending on various factors, such as the package’s shipping destination, shipping method, and carrier.

If your package hasn’t arrived by the estimated delivery date, it’s best to check the tracking details offered by Amazon and contact customer service.

If the package is lost, Amazon’s customer service representatives can help you file a claim, request a refund or replacement, and they can also help you locate the package.

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Can a Lost Amazon Package Still be Delivered?

It’s possible for a lost Amazon package to still be delivered, although it’s not very common.

If a package is marked as lost by the carrier or Amazon, it usually means that the carrier has exhausted all avenues to locate the package and it is presumed to be missing or stolen.

However, in rare cases, lost packages may still be delivered if they are found by the carrier or a third party and then delivered to the intended recipient.

In such cases, the package may be delayed by a significant amount of time and may have additional tracking information added to its record.

While this happens occasionally, it is not a guarantee, and you should not expect to have your package returned if it is marked as lost by Amazon or the carrier.

How Often Do Lost Amazon Packages Get Found?

The likelihood of a lost Amazon package being found and delivered is determined by several factors, including where the package was sent, which carrier was used, and what happened when the package went missing.

Amazon packages marked as lost by the carrier or Amazon are rarely found and delivered again. When a package is reported lost, the shipping company usually goes out of its way to find it by searching every step of its distribution network.

If the package is not found within a reasonable period, it is considered lost.

However, Amazon packages marked as lost have been discovered and resent. This can happen if the package was accidentally delivered to the wrong address or if it became lost in the carrier’s building and was later discovered.

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Can You Keep Packages that Turn up After You Got Refunded?

If you receive a refund for a lost or missing package that is later found and delivered, you cannot keep the package or the refund.

This would be viewed as unethical and possibly illegal. When you receive a refund for a lost or missing package, you are compensated for the package’s value.

If the package is eventually located and delivered to you, you have effectively been compensated for something you did receive.

If a lost or missing package is later located and delivered to you after receiving a refund, you must contact Amazon customer service and inform them of the situation.

Depending on the specifics, you may be required to return the refunded amount or the package to Amazon.

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